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Anna Wlodarczak-Semczuk

Poland's ruling party picks LGBT rights as election battlefront

Mar 15 2019

WARSAW Poland's ruling nationalist party aims to stem a decline in its popularity ahead of two key elections this year with warnings that opposition support for LGBT education is a threat to Polish culture and should be blocked wherever possible.

Special Report: Why Poland fell out of step with Europe

Oct 18 2018

WARSAW Last winter, Monika Pawlik spent her days crawling through mud and digging trenches in frozen ground, training for Poland's home guard. Her daughter, Helena, hadn't yet turned 2 years old.

EU acting too slowly with Poland on court independence: top judge

Aug 15 2018

WARSAW Poland's top judge Malgorzata Gersdorf, who is locked in a dispute with the ruling party, has urged the European Union to move faster to defend her country's judiciary from government efforts to increase its influence over the courts.

Poland faces turmoil over contested overhaul of Supreme Court

Jul 03 2018

WARSAW Poland faced the specter of institutional turmoil and an escalation of tensions with the European Union on Wednesday, with the head of the Supreme Court refusing to comply with reforms that force her to retire.

Polish minister sees 'catharsis' in new Holocaust law

Feb 21 2018

WARSAW Patryk Jaki, the politician behind Poland's new Holocaust law, wants to end what he calls a misleading culture of shame surrounding his country's treatment of Jews in World War Two.

Poland's new prime minister: a gamble that could backfire

Dec 13 2017

WARSAW Poland's new prime minister faces a difficult balancing act trying to repair bruised relations with the European Union without alienating the eurosceptic government's core voters.

Polish government presses on with court overhaul as criticism grows

Jul 24 2017

WARSAW Poland's ruling party on Saturday dismissed growing concern from key allies including the EU and United States and protests at home by approving an overhaul of the Supreme Court that critics say will undermine judicial independence. | Video

Polish court overhaul meets growing wave of criticism, protests

Jul 22 2017

WARSAW Poland's ruling party on Saturday dismissed a growing wave of criticism from abroad and worries at home that an overhaul of the Supreme Court would undermine judicial independence. | Video

Airbus lifts lid on helicopter talks after Poland scraps deal

Oct 11 2016

PARIS/WARSAW Airbus Helicopters hit back on Tuesday at Poland's decision to cancel a multi-billion-dollar military helicopter deal, deepening a defense procurement row that has soured relations between France and its eastern European NATO ally.

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