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Huawei urges U.S. to drop 'loser's attitude' as carrier business revenue slips

Mar 29 2019

HONG KONG China's Huawei Technologies called on Washington to drop the "loser's attitude" and once again rubbished U.S. allegations its gear could be used by Beijing for spying, as its network business weakened amid mounting global scrutiny. | Video

'No regrets': Saudi sisters hope for bright future after hiding in Hong Kong

Mar 25 2019

HONG KONG Two Saudi Arabian sisters are hoping for a "bright, beautiful future" after being granted asylum, fleeing what they describe as an abusive family and a repressive society. | Video

United States warns China meddling in Hong Kong hurting business confidence

Mar 22 2019

HONG KONG The United States warned in a report on Friday that increased meddling from China in Hong Kong had adversely impacted the city, straining international business confidence in the Asian financial hub.

Protesters arrested in Hong Kong over proposed China extradition law

Mar 15 2019

HONG KONG Hong Kong police on Friday arrested five women who staged a protest inside the government's headquarters over a proposal to allow fugitives to be extradited to mainland China, stoking human rights concerns.

Saudi sisters stranded in Hong Kong face deportation as visa deadline nears

Feb 28 2019

HONG KONG Two Saudi sisters fleeing what they described as beatings in their home country face a deadline for deportation from Hong Kong within hours unless authorities extend their stay.

'I was like a prisoner': Saudi sisters trapped in Hong Kong recall beatings

Feb 25 2019

HONG KONG Two sisters from Saudi Arabia who fled the conservative kingdom and have been hiding out in Hong Kong for nearly six months said they did so to escape beatings at the hands of their brothers and father. | Video

'Dream of a safe place': Saudi sisters in hiding in Hong Kong after fleeing family

Feb 22 2019

HONG KONG Two sisters from Saudi Arabia were intercepted at Hong Kong airport by the kingdom's diplomats en route to Australia, their lawyer said, the year's second high-profile case of Saudi women trying to flee what they call repression at home.

Alibaba slams U.S. treatment of Huawei, efforts to curb China's rise

Jan 25 2019

HONG KONG A senior Alibaba executive slammed the United States' treatment of China's Huawei Technologies as "extremely unfair", saying measures by the country to curb the firm's access to their markets was "very politically motivated". | Video

Job jitters mount as China's factories sputter ahead of Lunar New Year

Jan 17 2019

DONGGUAN/HONG KONG Wang Zhishen was thrilled when Danish shipper A.P. Moller-Maersk gave him two months' paid leave, relishing the chance to spend time with his wife and daughters in China's remote northwestern Gansu province.

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