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Brazilian state agrees to produce Russian COVID-19 vaccine

Aug 12 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO/BRASILIA A Brazilian technology institute said on Wednesday it expects to produce a controversial coronavirus Russian vaccine by the second half of 2021, shortly after the state of Parana signed a memorandum of understanding with Moscow.


Jul 15 2020

[ブラジリア 10日 ロイター] - ブラジルの首都ブラジリア一帯の中で最も貧しく、人口の多いセイランディア市で先日、80歳の老婦人が路上で倒れ、病院に搬送、人工呼吸器を付けられた。近所の人たちが地元メディアに語った。

Early reopening turns Brazil's capital into COVID-19 hot spot

Jul 10 2020

BRASILIA When an 80-year-old woman collapsed last week in the streets of the Brazilian capital's poorest and most populous suburb, she was rushed to hospital and put on a ventilator, neighbors told local media.

Brazil's Bolsonaro would veto bill regulating fake news in current form

Jul 02 2020

BRASILIA Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro said he would veto a bill regulating fake news, which has also been criticized by social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, if it comes to his desk from Congress in its present shape.

WHO to Latam: Don't lower COVID-19 guard, deaths could quadruple by October

Jun 30 2020

BRASILIA/MEXICO CITY The toll from COVID-19 could rise to 438,000 deaths in Latin America by October if prevention measures are not kept up, the World Health Organization's regional director for the Americas Carissa Etienne warned on Tuesday.

Amazon gold rush: illegal mining threatens Brazil's last major isolated tribe

Jun 26 2020

Illegal gold mining activity has risen sharply over the last five years in Brazil's indigenous Yanomami reservation in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, a Reuters review of exclusive data from satellite images shows.

Threat of Brazil military coup unfounded, retired generals say

Jun 22 2020

BRASILIA Calls for Brazil's military to close Congress and the Supreme Court have screamed from banners at marches attended by President Jair Bolsonaro in recent weeks, but retired generals and close observers of the armed forces call it empty talk.

COVID-19 crisis shakes Brazil, but Bolsonaro keeps impeachment at bay

Jun 05 2020

BRASILIA One of the world's worst coronavirus outbreaks, a paralyzed economy sending investors fleeing for the exit, and accusations that he has undermined Brazil's young democracy have not loosened President Jair Bolsonaro's grip on power.

Deaths jump in Brazil's indigenous tribes as virus spreads

Jun 04 2020

BRASILIA/SAO PAULO Coronavirus is spreading fast through Brazil's indigenous populations, with deaths caused by the disease increasing more than five-fold in the past month, according to data collected by a national association of first peoples.

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