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Anthony Langat

Kenyan herders turn to grazing app to cut drought risks

May 06 2018

ARKAMANA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - During times of drought, herder Buchu Boru has to walk tens of kilometers in search of pasture for his animals - with no guarantee he will find it.

Refugees – and forests – benefit as Kenya's herders torch an invader

Oct 09 2017

KAKUMA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Turkana County is one of Kenya’s most arid regions, but land near the town of Kakuma sports a dense thicket of thorny trees.

Loans for solar systems make power affordable in rural Kenya

Aug 15 2017

NAIVASHA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It is early evening in Ndabibi village in Naivasha, and there are threatening clouds overhead. Kenneth Njoroge quickly parks his motorcycle by the mud structure that serves as his kitchen and rushes into the main house before the rain starts pounding.

For women in Kenya's dry north, water is power

Jun 16 2017

WAJIR, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sitting a couple of kilometers outside the village of Wajir-bor in northeast Kenya is something quite rare for these dry parts: a small, well-maintained reservoir full of water with a watchman standing guard at the gate.

FEATURE-Solar boreholes, irrigated crops throw lifeline to Kenyan herders

Mar 22 2017

GARISSA, Kenya, March 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At the only borehole with water for miles around, the troughs are under siege in Saretho village as hundreds of camels, cattle, sheep and goats await their turn.

Drought insurance helps some Kenyan herders, others wait for aid

Feb 20 2017

GARISSA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Along a dusty road between the northern Kenyan town of Garissa and the village of Kasha, the carcasses of dozens of cows and goats lie rotting in the heat.

Bloody conflict between western Kenya farmers drives bid to improve water, fodder

Dec 11 2016

ALALE, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Most days Kenyan teenager Andrew Taimoi leaves his village on the Ugandan border before dawn and takes his family's livestock in search of food and water, risking his life on the way.

Solar battery power takes up the charge in Kenya

Oct 26 2016

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Staff of the International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) don’t worry too much about the frequent power outages at their campuses. A bank of diesel generators ensure that when power from the national grid goes off, the center's research into insects, food and health is not disrupted.

Kenyan farmers sow resistance to drought, boosting seed demand

Oct 10 2016

MASII, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the late afternoon, Angelina Mwangangi, 52, is digging on her farm on a slope overlooking Iveti hill in Machakos County, southeast of Nairobi. To prevent erosion when the rains come, she has carved out terraces.

Kenya's traditional midwives in frontline of drive to cut maternal deaths

Aug 03 2016

KISUMU, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - By the time she was three months pregnant, 24-year-old Cynthia Salome had already decided that she wanted her husband's grandmother to be her midwife when it was time to give birth.

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