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Anupriya KUMAR

Movie Review: Rangoon

Feb 24 2017

As far as establishing the backdrop of “Rangoon” goes, Vishal Bhardwaj’s new war drama hits the ground running. The film opens with images of guerilla soldiers of the British Indian Army, including Nawab Malik (Shahid Kapoor), in a face-to-face combat with the Japanese as bombs explode all around them. Hollywood does such sequences regularly, but a well-executed battle scene in a Hindi film whets your appetite for more.

Movie Review: Tum Bin 2

Nov 18 2016

In “Tum Bin 2”, Neha Sharma plays Taran, a London-based woman whose world comes crashing down around her when her boyfriend Amar slips into a coma after a skiing accident in the Swiss Alps. Shekhar (Aditya Seal) enters her life, wins over Neha’s family with his charm and eventually finds a place in Neha’s grieving heart.

Q&A: Shashi Tharoor on why the British owe India an apology

Nov 15 2016

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s new book “An Era of Darkness” turns the spotlight on Britain’s 200-year rule in India, and argues that it destroyed the Indian economy and pushed the country back by several decades.

Movie Review: Azhar

May 13 2016

Mohammad Azharuddin, the cricketer on whose life Tony D’Souza’s “Azhar” is based, struck a hundred in his first three test matches. It was a glorious start to a fairly successful career - until his implication in a match-fixing scandal and a lifetime ban from the cricket pitch. Unlike the man himself, the movie does not impress for any stretch of time.

Movie Review: Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Jun 12 2015

The tragedy of a movie like “Hamari Adhuri Kahaani”, like so many before it, is that it turns out looking and sounding so stupid. It could have worked if only the director had taken the effort to de-clutter it.

Society created Delhi gang rape convicts: Filmmaker Leslee Udwin

Mar 05 2015

British filmmaker Leslee Udwin, whose documentary on the Delhi gang rape of 2012 received huge media coverage over a convict’s remarks blaming the victim, said society created the rapists by teaching them “what to think”.

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