Anuradha Nagaraj

Indian student's fight against caste discrimination raises Dalit hopes

Nov 30 2021

CHENNAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Bullied by academic staff, barred from the university laboratory and even denied a chair, Deepa P. Mohanan despaired of ever being able to finish her PhD as a low-caste Indian woman. But then she decided to fight back.

CLART: the go-to app for water-poor Indians

Nov 08 2021

CHENNAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Before Riki Emiyo scrolls through social media, he checks his smartphone for progess on water conservation projects - less fun, but of far more use as winter descends on his parched Indian village.

Climate migration predicted to rise in India as extreme weather worsens

Oct 25 2021

CHENNAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A rise in extreme weather events in India - from droughts and floods to heatwaves and hailstorms - is fuelling climate migration as the nation's poorest are forced to abandon their homes, land and livelihoods, researchers said on Tuesday.

Indian anti-mining protesters revive old resistance to protect forest

Oct 07 2021

CHENNAI, India, Oct 8 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A decade after she first refused to make way for proposed coal mines in India's Hasdeo Arand forest, Santra Bai is once more fighting to save her land and livelihood from the same threat.

FEATURE-Sitting pretty? Indian shop workers win the right to a chair

Oct 04 2021

CHENNAI, India, Oct 4 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On her feet at work for 10 hours each day, Indian shop assistant S. Lakshmi lumbers home at the end of her shift to nurse her aching legs and swollen ankles. But relief may be in sight.

FEATURE-Billions in welfare kitty, yet India's mining villages stay buried in poverty

Sep 27 2021

SANDUR, India, Sept 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When N H Malliswamy first heard about a fund to improve the lives of people affected by mining, he wondered why his village in an iron-ore extraction hub in Karnataka had never benefited.

FEATURE-India's rural work scheme plots green jobs to fight climate change

Sep 21 2021

CHENNAI, India, Sept 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On the outskirts of Amaravalli village on India's east coast, Marada Suguna has been hard at work planting mangroves.

FEATURE-In Indian mining hub, farmers bring polluted land back to life

Sep 20 2021

PAPINAYAKANAHALLI, India, Sept 20 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For years, Indian farmer Chape Hanumaiya struggled to grow anything on his tiny plot of land - it was caked in the thick, red dust drifting from the iron ore mines that surrounded it.

With Assam silk and trees, Indians fight climate change and trafficking

Aug 25 2021

CHENNAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Senai Mili invited Rekha Doley into her home in India's northeastern Assam a few months back, the two women shared knowledge that has revolutionised their lives.

Indian mining state shifts from coal to forest fruits and flowers

Aug 08 2021

CHENNAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the forests of Bastar in eastern India, indigenous women have been busy plucking the tan-coloured fruits of the tamarind tree - a tangy staple of Indian cooking that earned them rare profits this year thanks to a bumper harvest.

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