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Iraq needs two years to wean itself off Iranian gas: energy official

Dec 06 2018

BASRA, Iraq Iraq needs at least two years to boost the country's gas production to stop importing Iranian gas used to feed its power stations, a senior Iraqi energy official said on Thursday.

Iraq southern oil exports around 3.3 million bpd in November: oil executives

Nov 27 2018

BASRA, Iraq Iraq's crude oil exports from its southern ports on the Gulf stood at around 3.3 million barrels per day (bpd) so far in November, three oil executives said on Tuesday.

Rockets fired at Basra airport as violent protests grip Iraq

Sep 08 2018

BASRA/ERBIL, Iraq Basra airport was attacked with rockets on Saturday after another night of protests against Iraq's political elite, during which demonstrators set fire to the Iranian consulate and briefly took oilfield workers hostage. | Video

Basra airport targeted by rocket fire as violent protests grip Iraq

Sep 08 2018

BASRA/ERBIL, Iraq, Sept 8 Basra airport was targeted by rocket fire on Saturday after a night of protests over perceived misrule by Iraq's political elite during which demonstrators torched the Iranian consulate and briefly took oilfield workers hostage.

Unrest intensifies in Iraq as Iranian consulate and oil facility stormed

Sep 08 2018

BASRA/ERBIL, Iraq Civil unrest fueled by anger against perceived corruption and misrule by Iraq's political elite intensified across the south of the country on Friday, as protesters stormed the Iranian consulate in Basra while others briefly took workers hostage at a nearby oilfield.

Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric demands end to violence as deadly protests rage

Sep 07 2018

BASRA, Iraq, Sept 7 Iraq's most revered Shi'ite cleric called for a political shakeup in Baghdad and a halt to violence against demonstrators on Friday, after days of deadly protests tore through the main city in the south and shut the country's main sea port.

Protesters torch political party offices in Basra's fourth night of violence

Sep 06 2018

BASRA, Iraq Hundreds of people took to the streets of Iraq's southern oil city Basra on Thursday for a fourth day of violent protests, where residents, angry over the neglect of their city's collapsing infrastructure, set fire to political offices.

CORRECTED-UPDATE 2-One dead, 25 injured in Basra protests as main Iraqi port closed

Sep 06 2018

BASRA, Iraq, Sept 6 Iraq's main seaport closed down on Thursday following violent clashes between protestors and security forces in the southern city of Basra in which one demonstrator died and 25 more were injured the previous night.

Protesters block Iraqi commodities port

Sep 05 2018

BASRA, Iraq Protesters blocked the entrance to Iraq's Umm Qasr commodities port on Wednesday to demand better services, port employees and local government officials said, raising the stakes in some of the worst unrest in southern cities in months.

Iraqi security forces face new protests in Basra

Sep 05 2018

BASRA, Iraq, Sept 5 Iraqi security forces sprayed tear gas and fired into the air to try to disperse thousands of protesters on Wednesday in the southern city of Basra, in some of the worst unrest in the region for months.

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