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Pushback against AI policing in Europe heats up over racism fears

Oct 20 2021

BRUSSELS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Damien Sardjoe was 14 when the Amsterdam police put him on the city's Top 600 criminals list, which sets people thought to be at risk of committing "high-impact crimes" such as robbery, assault and murder on a regime of care and punishment.

Analysis-Fossil fuel firms feel the heat over push for advertising ban

Oct 05 2021

BRUSSELS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A push for a Europe-wide ban on advertising and sponsorship by fossil fuel companies is the boldest salvo yet in a campaign by environmentalists who accuse oil firms of "greenwashing" and a history of undermining climate change science.

REFILE-Energy lawsuits pact seen threatening Paris climate deal

Oct 04 2021

BRUSSELS, Oct 1 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Fear of multi-billion-euro lawsuits from fossil fuel investors is putting the Paris agreement on climate change at risk, one of the deal's architects has warned.

ANALYSIS-Angela Merkel: the 'climate chancellor' who faced two ways

Sep 27 2021

BRUSSELS, Sept 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Feted as Germany's "climate chancellor", Angela Merkel won international plaudits for her efforts to tackle global warming, but as she prepares to leave office, critics say domestic emissions cuts stagnated under her 16-year watch.

Surging wind industry faces its own green dilemma: landfills

Sep 10 2021

BRUSSELS, Sept 10 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Wind turbines have become a vital source of global green energy but their makers increasingly face an environmental conundrum of their own: how to recycle them. The European Union's share of electricity from wind power has grown from less than 1% in 2000, when the continent began to curb planet-heating fossil fuels, to more than 16% today.

ANALYSIS-Europe's electric car revolution risks job loss backlash, unions warn

Sep 06 2021

* Unemployed auto workers could become 'target for populists'

Mega-blazes put spotlight on Europe's firefighting tactics

Aug 13 2021

BRUSSELS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As wildfires incinerate swathes of the Mediterranean, United Nations officials and disaster experts have called for an urgent revamp of firefighting to cope with a new era of mega-blazes.

Fresh wave of climate protests to target gas ahead of COP26 summit

Jul 30 2021

BRUSSELS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Climate activists will try to shut down gas terminals and protest fracking plans in several countries this weekend, as a post-lockdown push to influence the agenda ahead of November's COP26 climate summit in Scotland kicks off in earnest.

Analysis-Flood-hit German homes face higher premiums as climate risks grow

Jul 23 2021

BRUSSELS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Homeowners struggling to clean up after the deadly floods that swept Germany and Belgium last week could face an added financial strain in the years ahead as insurers move to hike premiums to reflect rising climate risks, industry analysts say.

ANALYSIS-Growing eviction risk as rent freezes end in Europe

Jul 15 2021

* U.N. rapporteur says rent freezes still necessary across Europe

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