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Hundreds of Lebanon's most vulnerable migrant maids flown home, many more wait

Dec 18 2020

AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hundreds of Lebanon's most vulnerable migrant maids have been repatriated with funds raised by local charities, but thousands more remain stuck and destitute due to a deep economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, according to campaigners.

In blast-hit Beirut, 'invisible' elderly women face destitution

Nov 12 2020

AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Thousands of elderly women in Beirut whose lives were upended by a huge blast in August now face destitution, as Lebanon buckles under financial crisis and a COVID-19 lockdown, charities said.

Gritty Lebanese film challenges marital rape impunity in Arab world

Nov 05 2020

AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a short film set in Lebanon, where marital rape is not a crime, filmmaker Farah Shaer tackles one of Arab society's biggest taboos and highlights the difficulties women face when reporting domestic and sexual violence.

Green fines: UAE businesses swap pollution penalties for tree-planting

Nov 03 2020

AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Businesses that violate environmental laws in the northern UAE emirate of Ras al-Khaimah are being given the option to plant trees instead of paying fines, under a government initiative designed to cut planet-warming emissions.

Tech-savvy women could beat COVID-19 job blues in the Arab world

Oct 30 2020

AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As COVID-19 swells the ranks of unemployed women in the Arab world, surging demand for digital skills could help many of them find work in a region where only one in four women has a job.

Working mothers hit back at nursery closures in Jordan

Oct 21 2020

AMMAN, Oct 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Working mothers staged protests on Wednesday against Jordan's decision to close all nurseries until year-end, saying the move unfairly targets women in the pandemic.

Community oven serves up meals, and dignity, in blast-hit Beirut

Oct 20 2020

AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When a huge blast tore through Beirut on Aug. 4, Rawda Mazloum decided to move the giant oven she was using to cook for refugees in the Bekaa Valley to assist residents of the devastated capital.

Anger in Algeria over rape, murder of 19-year-old woman

Oct 06 2020

AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The rape and murder of a young woman has sparked anger in Algeria, with women's rights activists demanding to know why she was not better protected after her mother said the suspect in her killing had attacked her before.

Beirut blast adds to women's money and health worries in Lebanon

Sep 16 2020

AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Almost six weeks after the Beirut port blast nearly blinded her in one eye, Kawthar Halabi has been unable to return to work as she is still having fragments of glass picked out of her flesh.

Egyptian TV host's comments on hijab spark debate, probe by media watchdog

Sep 15 2020

AMMAN/CAIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An Egyptian TV presenter is being investigated by the country's media watchdog after she said women who wore the hijab were "100,000-times better" than those who shunned the traditional headscarf, sparking a fierce online debate.

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