Barbara Lewis

Adelaide to Hollywood via Edinburgh in a day: Fringe theatre goes global

Aug 23 2021

A new digital theatre platform developed to keep audiences engaged during lockdown is being used by performers to take their shows to festivals far from home, and even to two events at once. | Video

Edinburgh festival resets relationship with the city and the world

Jul 30 2021

Edinburgh's international arts festivals, after a missed pandemic year, spring back to life next week hoping to reach more of the world than ever.

Running low on battery power: Brexit Britain faces an acid test

Jul 20 2021

LONDON Britain has set a fast pace in the electric vehicle race with its 2030 ban on sales of new fossil fuel-powered cars and has offered 1 billion pounds ($1.4 billion) to jump start its battery industry and associated supply chain.

All the world's an audience whether theatres are light or dark

Jul 06 2021

LONDON For many it is theatre’s darkest hour. For others, Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company included, lockdown has speeded up the use of technology that has transformed stagecraft and revealed new audiences and business opportunities.

UK government set for leading role in insuring live entertainment

Jun 29 2021

LONDON The British government is expected to announce an insurance scheme in the coming weeks for live events, including festivals, theatre and sports, to allow them to go ahead despite the pandemic, insurance industry sources said.

Herd community? Elephants show us how to coexist

May 15 2021

LONDON A herd of life-size model elephants will be paraded through central London on Saturday to trumpet the idea that humans and wild animals can share space in this crowded world.

Music and tech team up to cut the milliseconds

Apr 21 2021

STOCKHOLM/LONDON Musicians desperate to work together in harmony while kept apart by COVID-19 lockdowns have been collaborating with tech companies to shave milliseconds from delays on their online connections, driving innovations that will transcend music. | Video

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