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Philippine farmers struggle to rebuild lives after typhoon decimates crops

Sep 24 2018

KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The destruction of crops by a powerful typhoon will push people in the Philippines deeper into poverty and prolong recovery efforts, aid agencies said as they called for more assistance for farmers.

Let women make a splash, even in conservative societies, says Olympian Phelps

Sep 21 2018

HONG KONG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Women and girls must be allowed to learn how to swim even in conservative societies, American swimming great Michael Phelps said on Friday, as he sought to make the world better through the "awesomeness" of sports.

'Social business cities' could ease urban growing pains, Nobel laureate says

Sep 20 2018

HONG KONG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Cities around the world should tap ethical entrepreneurs to help ease their growing pains, ranging from homelessness to unemployment, Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus said on Thursday.

Thai fishing boat slavery in spotlight at Toronto film festival

Sep 07 2018

KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The plight of workers trapped in slavery on Thai fishing boats will be cast in the spotlight at the Toronto International Film Festival, with the screening of a documentary aimed at making people think twice about the seafood they consume.

Seoul to check public loos daily as anger boils over 'spycam porn'

Sep 03 2018

KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Amid anger over 'spycam porn', authorities in Seoul have pledged to conduct daily checks in public toilets, but campaigners on Monday called for stronger regulations on hidden cameras commonly used to target women.

Malaysia's crackdown on illegal migrants puts trafficking victims in danger

Aug 31 2018

KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Malaysia is set to launch a major crackdown on undocumented migrant workers after the end of a scheme on Friday that allowed them to turn themselves in, but critics say human trafficking victims could be wrongly targeted instead.

Scrapping China's two-child policy boosts hope to end bride trafficking

Aug 29 2018

KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - China's reported plan to scrap its decades-long family planning policy could help prevent impoverished women from other parts of Asia being trafficked into the country to meet demand for brides, campaigners said on Wednesday.

A brutal assault and rising fear in Malaysia's LGBT community

Aug 23 2018

RANTAU, Malaysia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In her dimly lit room in a Malaysian village, Suki rests on a bed as she recovers from a brutal attack that has highlighted what campaigners say is growing hostility towards gay and transgender people in the country.

Two films, two faces of Asia - only one is Crazy Rich

Aug 23 2018

KUALA LUMPUR/BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hit movie "Crazy Rich Asians" is grabbing headlines with its depiction of outlandish opulence but another Singapore film is making waves of a different kind by revealing the tawdry underbelly of Asian life.

Malaysian women to be caned for 'attempting lesbian sex'

Aug 14 2018

KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Two Malaysian women convicted for attempting to have lesbian sex will be fined and caned, a prosecutor said on Tuesday, in a rare case against gay people in the Muslim-majority country.

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