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Fear, sticker shock over health insurance greet laid-off workers

Apr 29 2020

NEW YORK If you were laid off in April, the health insurance from your job may stop at the end of the month. Then what?

Your Money: Stimulus check confusion? Common questions, answered

Apr 23 2020

NEW YORK In a little over a year, when Americans file their 2020 tax returns, much of what is going on with coronavirus-linked stimulus payments will finally add up.

Your Money: Why you might be afraid to spend your stimulus check

Apr 16 2020

NEW YORK If you got your stimulus payment this week from the IRS and it is still in your account, are you afraid to spend it?

Your Money: Get aid or go bust? Small businesses face dilemma

Apr 13 2020

NEW YORK Sara Pauly is not one of those small business owners scrambling to fill out paperwork for part of the more than $350 billion in government aid available through the Paycheck Protection Program or the Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

Your Money: Make a big impact with your COVID-19 charity dollars

Apr 07 2020

NEW YORK When Rachel Baron wanted to give back to her community affected by COVID-19, her first thought was to help local emergency room doctors. So the 46-year-old advertising copywriter worked with some friends to set up food deliveries from local restaurants in New York's Westchester County through the Meal Train service.

Your money: How to adjust your autopay spending during the coronavirus pandemic

Apr 02 2020

NEW YORK Coronavirus lockdowns might have caught a lot of people by surprise last month, but with April's new billing cycle, it is time for cash-strapped Americans to rethink automatic spending habits.

Your Money: The one document Americans need now - Power of attorney

Mar 27 2020

NEW YORK If you live in the United States and really want to be prepared for coronavirus, experts say you need a fully executed power of attorney, which designates a trusted person to take over your finances should you become incapacitated.

Pay for cleaners, babysitters and dogwalkers hangs in the balance

Mar 25 2020

NEW YORK Lily Reiche has lost nearly half of her dogwalking clients in Los Angeles because of California's coronavirus stay-at-home order. Of the 40 or so accounts at My Dog Spot, which dried up because people are either working from home or have lost income, just five clients are continuing to pay.

Some U.S. wealth advisers tell clients to stay put as markets fall

Mar 23 2020

NEW YORK The deepest U.S. stock market sell-off since the 2008 financial crisis is prompting some financial advisers to tell wealthy clients to hold steady or even increase their equity exposure if they have at least 10 years until retirement.

Your Money - Separation anxiety: Divorce, money and coronavirus

Mar 20 2020

NEW YORK The first few days of staying at home for coronavirus seclusion with my two kids were chaotic, stressful and scary, much like they were for everyone else.

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