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Middle class parents paying least for college: study

Oct 17 2018

NEW YORK As U.S. high school seniors pare down their college wish lists and parents sweat over the bills, a new study by student loan lender Sallie Mae illustrates the gulf between the sticker price of college and the actual cost.

Gray divorces and tax changes complicate retirement

Oct 15 2018

NEW YORK When people over the age of 50 get divorced, retirement accounts become a key asset, even more so sometimes than the house or alimony. Lawyers and feuding couples are bracing for big changes at the end of 2018 for how these assets get split up.

Your Money: What is the best play for your money right now?

Oct 12 2018

NEW YORK When the stock market has suffered a couple of really big slides in a row, like it did this week, the financial advice to those who are freaking out is always: Do not look at your account balances. But maybe, just this once, you should peek.

Your Money: How to factor in cost when applying to college

Oct 01 2018

NEW YORK Picking the right college is not just a matter of finding a good fit for a student's talents and interests, but it also should involve what a family can reasonably afford.

Your Money: What another U.S. interest rate rise means for you

Sep 25 2018

NEW YORK If you have credit card debt, take the next U.S. Federal Reserve move to raise interest rates as a big, flashing warning sign.

Back-to-school financial lessons for teachers

Sep 06 2018

NEW YORK It took Andrew Pillow eight years of teaching at a charter school in Indianapolis, Indiana, before he finally earned more than the manager job at the Chinese fast-food restaurant chain, Panda Express, that he passed each day on his way to work.

YOUR MONEY: How to rebuild when divorce derails your retirement

Aug 08 2018

NEW YORK Divorce crushed Dennis Nolte's retirement plans not once but twice.

Your Money: How to wade into the daunting waters of flood insurance

Aug 01 2018

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Alexa von Tobel's calling? Teaching money life lessons

Jul 31 2018

NEW YORK When you are known for starting a personal finance company, people expect you to have your own financial house in order. But that was not always the case for Alexa von Tobel, founder of LearnVest.com.

How to cope with old medical debt

Jul 09 2018

NEW YORK My kids got a great report from the dentist at their last checkup. From the receptionist? Not so much.

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