Bill Schneider

Commentary: Americans don’t think Trump is qualified. Why they elected him anyway.

Nov 09 2016

“Up the Establishment!” That was the message voters sent when they elected Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. It was a message of anger and frustration – and defiance.

Commentary: And you thought Washington was gridlocked before Comey’s letter. Just wait.

Nov 04 2016

News of another FBI review of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's emails may not change the outcome of the election. But it could poison a Clinton presidency.

Commentary: How Clinton could lose even as she wins

Oct 20 2016

It's not enough to win the election. You also have to win the interpretation.

Commentary: The debate takeaway? We need a new way to vet presidential nominees

Oct 10 2016

We heard Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump call Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, to her face, “a liar.” We heard Clinton say, flatly, “Donald Trump is not fit to be president or commander in chief.”

Commentary: Even in bad times, Americans avoid angry candidates

Sep 27 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is angry. He's angry about the way things are going in the country (“a disaster”). He's angry about President Barack Obama. He's angry about the media and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (“the best person in her campaign is the mainstream media”). Angry about trade. Angry about other countries taking advantage of the United States. Angry about the Iran deal. Angry about everything.

Commentary: Why so many red states are turning blue

Oct 20 2016

The gender gap is old news. This is the year of the education gap.

Commentary: Trump's economic plan leaves everything up for grabs

Aug 11 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump laid out his economic plan in Detroit on Monday. “I want to jump-start America,” Trump announced, “It can be done. And it won't even be that hard.”

Commentary: Democrats and Republicans reverse their traditional roles

Aug 01 2016

The party's journey has been from Clinton to Clinton. Former President Bill Clinton led the Democratic Party to the center in 1992, and kept it competitive through the 1990s, when the Reagan consensus still prevailed. Then, in 2008, Barack Obama led a new, more liberal coalition of Democrats to power in the wake of the financial crash and the war in Iraq. Obama won the Oval Office twice with a majority of the popular vote, the first Democrat to do that since President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Commentary: Why Bernie Sanders supporters won't just go away

Jul 26 2016

Why are the Bernie Sanders people so determined to make trouble for the Democrats? Don't they understand that disrupting the convention and sabotaging the Hillary Clinton campaign will only help elect Donald Trump?

Commentary: With Trump picking Pence, it’s unclear who’s playing nice with whom

Jul 20 2016

Conservatives would like to believe that, by naming Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is making a concession to them.

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