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U.S. consumer bureau under fire in Congress over reduced protection activity

Mar 19 2019

NEW YORK(Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's track record of enforcement and consumer protection came under congressional scrutiny during an appearance last week by director Kathleen Kraninger before the Senate Banking Committee.

U.S. big banks remain complex despite post-crisis simplification goals, Fed paper finds

Mar 19 2019

NEW YORK(Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - Despite apparently reduced number of legal entities, the level of complexity remains high for large U.S. banks 10 years after the financial crisis, according to a Federal Reserve staff paper.

Increasing similarity in banking raises concern for systemic risk, U.S. Fed official warns

Nov 19 2018

NEW YORK(Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - A growing homogeneity in business models and strategies among U.S. large banks may worsen overall risk in the financial system, warned Kevin Stiroh, the head of supervision at New York Federal Reserve.

Systemically important banks show marked improvement in capital levels, Basel report shows

Oct 16 2018

NEW YORK(Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - Large internationally active banks have seen their final Basel III capital shortfalls drop by more than 70 percent compared with year-end 2015. The findings were contained in a semi-annual report{https://www.bis.org/bcbs/publ/d449.pdf} by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BIS) that used data from year-end 2017.

Leverage ratio standard may understate systemic risk; attention to pledge collateral needed - IMF report

Apr 09 2018

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - Traditional bank-centric leverage metrics such as assets-to-capital tend to underestimate the full extent of leverage, as they fail to capture non-bank funding missing from balance-sheet data, an International Monetary Fund research paper suggested(https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WP/Issues/2018/03/19/Leverage-A-Broader-View-45720). This measurement gap means regulators could miss a build-up of systemic risk to dangerous levels.

U.S. Fed forms cost-benefit analysis unit as "calibrating," efficiency to guide regulation

Jan 30 2018

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - The U.S. Federal Reserve is forming a unit to assess the economic impact of financial regulations and ensure they fulfill their intended goals, as a top fed official called for rules to be calibrated and efficient to avoid adverse consequences.

Cyber security, fintech and laundering key risk areas for banks, U.S. big-bank regulator says

Jan 23 2018

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) highlighted cyber security, and banks' relationship with financial technology companies, and anti-money laundering, as key concerns for the federal banking system in its Semiannual Risk Perspective for Fall 2017(https://www.occ.treas.gov/publications/publications-by-type/other-publications-reports/semiannual-risk-perspective/semiannual-risk-perspective-fall-2017.pdf).

European central banker warns against global prudential rollback, wholesale funding reforms

Nov 27 2017

New York (Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - Banking regulators around the world should remain vigilant against a growing threat of regulatory rollback to avoid potential regulatory fragmentation, said Vítor Constancio, Vice-President of the European Central Bank speaking at an international financial regulation conference.

Ending AIG's systemic-risk status raises questions on stability body's role

Oct 11 2017

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - A recent decision by the Financial Stability Oversight Council to rescind the systemically important financial institution designation of insurer AIG(https://www.treasury.gov/press-center/press-releases/Pages/sm0169.aspx) signals more than a change in perception of riskiness of that particular firm, but raises questions about the future of the council created under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.

U.S. regulators seek pause to capital rules for small banks, but many have adjusted

Sep 13 2017

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence) - U.S. bank regulatory agencies hit the pause button on August 22 with a proposal to delay the implementation period(https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/files/bcreg20170822a1.pdf) for stricter capital rules for smaller banks while they review ways to simplify requirements.

World News

Russian buildup at Ukraine border includes blood for wounded, U.S. officials say

A Russian troop buildup along its border with Ukraine includes supplies of blood https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/exclusive-russia-moves-blood-supplies-near-ukraine-adding-us-concern-officials-2022-01-28 for the wounded, three U.S. officials told Reuters, a detail reinforcing U.S. comments that Russia "clearly" now has the capability to move on its neighbour.