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From Canary Islands, royals push to save tourism in Spain

Jun 23 2020

LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, Spain Spain's king and queen visited the Canary Islands on Tuesday to begin a tour intended to help rescue a tourism-dependent economy battered by the coronavirus crisis and a months-long lockdown.

Wave of migration strains Spain's Canary Islands amid pandemic

May 26 2020

GRAN CANARIA About 80 African migrants packed aboard two fishing boats landed on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria on Tuesday, adding to the hundreds of new arrivals now stuck there while the coronavirus lockdown prevents transfers to the mainland.

Nearly 50 migrants plucked from waters off Spain's Gran Canaria

May 17 2020

GRAN CANARIA Spain's coast guard rescued 49 African migrants from a dinghy drifting a few miles off the coast of Gran Canaria on Sunday, a spokesman for the organisation said, the latest arrivals in a months-long surge of migration to the Canary Islands.

Scared or bored, hotel guests face four-star lockdown in Tenerife

Feb 26 2020

TENERIFE, Spain "It's absolutely awful," says 45-year-old Lara Pennington, one of more than 700 guests spending a second day in lockdown at a four-star Tenerife hotel on Wednesday after four cases of coronavirus were detected there among a group of Italians.

Huge sandstorm closes airspace around Spain's Canary Islands

Feb 25 2020

GRAN CANARIA, Spain All incoming flights to Spain's Canary Islands were diverted on Sunday, airport operator AENA said, after a sandstorm from the Sahara hit the archipelago, coating the islands with orange dust and limiting visibility. | Video

Canaries flights suspended as Saharan sand blankets islands

Feb 22 2020

GRAN CANARIA, Spain Spain's airport operator AENA suspended all flights in and out of Gran Canaria and all flights leaving Tenerife on Saturday evening after a storm carrying clouds of red sand from the Sahara hit the Canaries and severely reduced visibility.

Sunbathers join rescue as migrant boat washes up on Canary Islands beach

Nov 29 2019

AGUILA BEACH, Spain Sunbathers in the Canary Islands joined forces with emergency workers to give water, food and clothes to migrants who arrived unexpectedly on a beach in the Spanish archipelago on Friday. | Video

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