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Brazil police arrest dozens in illegal Amazon rainforest logging ring

Jun 04 2020

MANAUS, Brazil Police stormed a dozen sawmills in Brazil's Amazon rainforest in a dawn raid on Tuesday, arresting about 30 people accused of involvement in an illegal logging ring. | Video

CORREÇÃO-Isolamento não é suficiente para salvar indígenas na Amazônia da Covid-19

May 23 2020

TRÊS UNIDOS, Amazonas, 22 Mai Três Unidos, uma comunidade indígena na Amazônia, excluiu todos os visitantes, esperando que o isolamento a mantivesse segura da Covid-19. Mesmo assim, o novo coronavírus chegou.

CORRECTED-FEATURE-Isolation not enough to save Amazon indigenous village from COVID-19

May 23 2020

TRES UNIDOS, BRAZIL, May 22 Tres Unidos, an indigenous village in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, locked out all visitors, hoping that isolation would keep it safe. And yet the new coronavirus still came.

Catholic priest gives out masks in coronavirus-stricken Amazon favela

May 21 2020

MANAUS, Brazil As the coronavirus has spread rapidly in the poorest parts of the Amazon's biggest city, a local priest has begun to make masks in his church and hand them out across his parish.

Brazilian doctors medevac indigenous COVID-19 cases to Amazon city

May 19 2020

MANAUS The novel coronavirus is spreading so fast among the indigenous people in the furthest parts of Brazil's Amazon rainforest that doctors are now evacuating critical COVID-19 patients by plane to the only intensive care units in the vast region. | Video

In Amazon city, indigenous chief felled by COVID-19 buried with dance and singing

May 15 2020

MANAUS, Brazil He had asked them to sing and dance at his funeral, and that is how they said goodbye to Chief Messias Kokama on Thursday. | Video

As deaths mount in Brazil's Amazon, official COVID-19 toll under scrutiny

May 08 2020

BRASILIA/SAO PAULO/MANAUS, Brazil The death toll from COVID-19 in the worst hit part of Brazil's remote Amazon region may be three times the official count, according to data from public notaries reviewed by Reuters, as the spread of the disease overwhelms the public health system.

In the Amazon, an indigenous nurse volunteers in coronavirus fight

May 07 2020

MANAUS, Brazil Vicente Piratapuia, 69, of the Piratapuia tribe had a high fever and could hardly breathe, but he refused to leave his home on the outskirts of the Amazon rainforest's biggest city.

Prisoners take guards hostage in Brazil's coronavirus-hit Manaus

May 02 2020

MANAUS/RIO DE JANEIRO An inmate uprising at a Brazilian prison stoked by fears of a coronavirus outbreak saw seven prison guards briefly taken hostage on Saturday in Manaus, a state capital deep in the Amazon rainforest where public services have been overwhelmed by the pandemic.

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As UAE hails Israel accord, silence from Saudi Arabia

As media and people in the United Arab Emirates hailed the Gulf state's deal to normalise relations with Israel as a diplomatic victory that helps the Palestinians, silence reigned in Saudi Arabia, longtime figurehead of regional policy towards Israel.