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Carey L. Biron

U.S. government hears woeful testimony from 'heirs' property' owners

Aug 14 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Property heirs on Wednesday described to government officials the lengthy court cases, tense family disputes and expensive legal research required to keep property that was rightfully theirs, amid generations of land loss.

'We will become homeless': U.S. residents fear housing rule change could force them out of homes

Aug 13 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Fears are mounting across the United States over a proposal by President Donald Trump's administration that would force tens of thousands of families to choose between splitting up or being homeless together.

Neighbors frown at California emoji house's 'bullying' paint job

Aug 07 2019

WASHINGTON Those cute little emojis have emotions running high in one southern California seaside enclave.

That river has rights: new strategy to protect planet

Jul 31 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For some, human rights are not enough - it's nature's turn, now.

Torch, radio...house deeds? U.S. readies for hurricane season

Jul 17 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Torch, radio, whistle - all standard fare in a storm survival kit. Now Americans at risk of hurricane damage are being urged to grab their house deeds and check they are valid, too.

Private investors protect vast forests in U.S. coal country

Jul 15 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Private investors have backed what supporters say is one of the largest conservation acquisitions ever in the eastern United States, offering a promising new model to protect land.

'Medical respite' offers a place to rest in U.S. cities battling homelessness

Jul 09 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Henry Jones had been living on the streets of Washington, D.C. for more than a decade when his health finally started failing.

Residents of U.S. pig farming state kick up a stink over property rights

Jun 19 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From not being able to hang laundry outside or have friends over for a barbeque to health problems, residents of the U.S. state of North Carolina are having their lives disrupted by large industrial pig farms, said a lawsuit filed on Wednesday.

Packing a projector: U.S. activists stage light invasion

Jun 10 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The plan of action was nothing new; its outcome was.

Robot bricklayers to 3D printing: how tech can transform housebuilding

Jun 06 2019

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A robotic bricklayer, 3D printing and furniture that can be stowed away at the wave of a hand could all help to address the global deficit in affordable housing, according to a study released on Thursday.

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