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Cassandra Garrison

Political turmoil, price freeze cast shadow on Argentina's Vaca Muerta

Sep 16 2019

BUENOS AIRES In late August, amid a sharp plunge in the Argentine peso, global suppliers to oil giant YPF received an unwelcome surprise in their inbox. A four-page notice that dollar contracts would be paid at a set exchange rate, far weaker than the market rate.

Venezuelans in Argentina get sense of deja vu as crisis builds

Sep 05 2019

BUENOS AIRES Andreina Pirrone left Venezuela for Argentina six years ago as her country was spiraling toward the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. She did not know what the future would hold, but she was certain it would be brighter. | Video

Argentina opposition front-runner strikes populist tone in Madrid, markets hold steady

Sep 05 2019

BUENOS AIRES/MADRID Argentina's likely next president, opposition front-runner Alberto Fernandez, laid out his populist credentials during a visit to Madrid on Thursday, saying local Argentine interests would trump those of creditors and energy investors.

Wall Street traders pump up Argentine peso as currency controls hit home

Sep 03 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's peso surged on Tuesday, pumped up by Wall Street traders cheering President Mauricio Macri's capital controls that are aimed at protecting the beleaguered currency.

Argentina returns to currency controls as debt crisis spirals

Sep 01 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's government authorized currency controls on Sunday in an about-face by President Mauricio Macri, who had previously lifted many protectionist practices of his predecessor, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Argentina curbs banks' access to pesos amid growing market turmoil

Aug 30 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's battered bonds and currency were driven still lower on Friday amid downgrades by three credit rating agencies and a new measure the central bank said was designed to "avoid any lack of money" and safeguard the liquidity of the country's financial system. | Video

S&P slashes Argentina's long-term debt three notches on maturity extension plan

Aug 29 2019

BUENOS AIRES Standard & Poors announced on Thursday that it was slashing Argentina's long-term credit rating another three notches into the deepest area of junk debt, saying the government's plan to "unilaterally" extend maturities had triggered a brief default.

IMF meets with Argentina opposition candidate

Aug 26 2019

BUENOS AIRES A team from the International Monetary Fund met on Monday with opposition candidate Alberto Fernandez, the front-runner for October's presidential election, according to a spokesman for Fernandez.

Argentina opposition candidate Fernandez meets with mining companies, governors

Aug 26 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's opposition candidate Alberto Fernandez told mining companies and governors from key mining provinces on Monday that exports were "the only solution" for Argentina, his coalition said.

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