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Celine Gounder

Recent mandatory quarantine policies are unscientific–and dangerous

Oct 28 2014

Restricting freedoms of at-risk doctors is discouraging others from joining the fight against Ebola.

Read this to get a better understanding of how Ebola spreads

Oct 13 2014

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Sunday that a nurse at a Dallas hospital who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died from Ebola last week, was the first person to become infected with the virus on U. S. soil. The nurse reportedly wore a gown, gloves, a mask and a face shield while caring for the Liberian national at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Many, including CDC Director Tom Frieden, are questioning how the nurse became infected despite wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment, which should have shielded her from direct contact with Duncan and his bodily fluids.

Here’s the current status of new drugs to fight Ebola virus and what works best now

Sep 02 2014

There are many new drugs in the pipeline to treat Ebola or vaccinate against it, but they are all in various states of testing.

Remember the movie ‘Outbreak?’ Yeah, Ebola’s not really like that.

Aug 14 2014

The Zaire strain of Ebola out of control in West Africa is the most virulent form of the virus and comes from the “heart of darkness” itself. There’s a certain xenophobia to our fear of Ebola.

To combat Ebola, first build back trust in healthcare workers

Jul 30 2014

There is no vaccine to halt the spread of the virus. The only way to stop the transmission of Ebola is to identify and quarantine infected persons. But people aren’t likely to come forward with a deadly, stigmatized infectious disease when there’s an absence of trust.

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