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Malawi court suspends wearing of wigs and gowns as temperatures soar

Nov 01 2019

BLANTYRE, Malawi (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Malawi's constitutional court has suspended its requirement that lawyers and judges wear traditional white wigs and black robes in the courtroom as an early season heatwave sweeps the southern African nation.

Malawi judge sentences three to death for albinism murder

Aug 14 2019

BLANTYRE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Three people have been sentenced to death in Malawi for the murder and mutilation of a person with albinism, a court official confirmed on Wednesday, a sanction the judge said would serve as a strong deterrent.

Malawi storm survivors place hope in solar power to switch on 'new life'

Jul 04 2019

CHIKWAWA, Malawi (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Residents of Mwalija village received a rude awakening when their homes were rattled and flooded by Cyclone Idai in March.

Businessman hopes to become Malawi's first MP with albinism

May 17 2019

BLANTYRE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Malawian businessman hoping to become the country's first lawmaker with albinism has called for a major drive to tackle rampant violence against people with the condition amid a spate of murders, mutilations and abductions linked to black magic.

People with albinism protest in Malawi as attacks spike ahead of polls

Mar 06 2019

BLANTYRE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Protesters took to the streets in Malawi's capital on Wednesday to demand the government step up protection for people with albinism following a spate of murders and attacks driven by an underground trade in their body parts for black magic.

Malawi makes it cheaper for women to run in 2019 election

May 04 2018

BLANTYRE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Female candidates will pay 25 percent less than men to run for parliament in Malawi under a scheme to get more women into power in a general election due next year, authorities have said.

Murder of man with albinism in Malawi sparks call for death penalty

May 02 2018

BLANTYRE, Malawi (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The latest murder of a man with albinism in Malawi - the 22nd in four years - has sparked calls for their killers to be executed to deter a wave of attacks in the poor southern African nation.

Out of wedlock and back to school - educating Malawi's underage brides

Apr 23 2018

NKANDO, Malawi (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Cecilia Amos was just 16 when she fell pregnant. Her partner promised to marry her but instead he left after she gave birth.

Search for new urban water sparks conflict in parched Malawi

Feb 26 2018

MULANJE, Malawi (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With increasingly prolonged droughts threatening worsening water shortages, Malawi is moving to shore up water supplies to its cities, including building new long-distance pipelines and dams.

Malawi's abandoned child brides pushed into sex work as 'only option'

Nov 07 2017

LUCHENZA, Malawi (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Memory Chitsulo was still in school in Malawi she married a man a decade older. But her husband soon left for South Africa, abandoning her with a baby. Desperate for money, the teenager turned to sex work.

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