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Pakistan discussing expansion of CPEC to Afghanistan -ambassador

Sep 27 2021

ISLAMABAD Pakistan has discussed Taliban-led Afghanistan joining the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) infrastructure project, the Pakistani ambassador to the country said on Monday.

Pakistani security official urges U.S. to engage with Afghanistan

Sep 15 2021

ISLAMABAD Pakistan urged the world to engage with Taliban-led Afghanistan and said the United States should listen to its message as it reassess its relationship with the South Asian nation, a top Pakistani security official said on Wednesday.

Analysis-As West ponders aid for Afghanistan, China and Pakistan quick to provide relief

Sep 12 2021

ISLAMABAD As international donors gather in Geneva on Monday to discuss humanitarian relief for Afghanistan under Taliban rule, neighbours China and Pakistan have already reached out with aid and discussions of future assistance.

SPECIAL REPORT-Reuters photographer was killed after being left behind in retreat, Afghan general says

Aug 24 2021

By Stephen Grey, Charlotte Greenfield, Devjyot Ghoshal, Alasdair Pal and Reade Levinson

Cowering in the bathroom: Some Afghans dread the Taliban knock at the door

Aug 20 2021

When armed members of the Afghan Taliban knocked on the door of their Kabul apartment, the family of 16 inside had crammed into the bathroom, turned off the lights and mobile phones and covered the children's mouths to keep them quiet.

Analysis: Despite Taliban assurances, world frets again about Afghan militant havens

Aug 18 2021

Islamist groups around the world have hailed the Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan, sparking global alarm that the country could once again become a safe haven for jihadists inspired by its success.

Time running out for Afghan peace process, more efforts needed: EU envoy

Jun 16 2021

ISLAMABAD The European Union's envoy for Afghanistan said on Wednesday time was running out for Afghan peace negotiations and more needed to be done to boost the discussions as international forces withdraw from the war-torn nation.

Pakistan to slash international flights by 80% to curb COVID-19

May 01 2021

ISLAMABAD Pakistan will reduce the number of international flights into and out of its airports by 80% to help curb rising COVID-19 cases, the government said on Saturday.

Pakistan to slash international flights to curb COVID-19 cases

May 01 2021

ISLAMABAD, May 1 Pakistan plans to reduce the number of inbound international flights to 20% of current numbers to curb rising COVID-19 cases, the official body overseeing the country's pandemic response said on Saturday.

Exclusive-As U.S. prepared exit, Taliban protected foreign bases, but killed Afghans

Apr 30 2021

KABUL Taliban fighters have protected western military bases in Afghanistan from attacks by rival, or rogue Islamist groups for over a year under a secret annex to a pact for the withdrawal of all U.S. forces by May 1, three Western officials with knowledge of the agreement told Reuters.

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