Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

Quick response: How to touch customers in contactless commerce

Feb 26 2021

NEW YORK (Reuters)pan - In an era of social distancing, businesses must be snappy in responding to customers or fall behind, a lesson Jeff Sloan, chief executive of Global Payments, quickly learned.

Tools to go remote: How Netgear's CEO stays connected

Feb 25 2021

NEW YORK When Patrick Lo co-founded computing networking provider Netgear Inc in 1996, he envisioned an online utopia in which "the internet was going to drive everything."

Learning in a pandemic: An online education executive shares tips

Feb 18 2021

NEW YORK In the darkest moments of the past year, Stephanie Dua, co-founder and president of HOMER, a New York City-based online learning program, turned to early lessons on hard work and optimism she learned on her father’s almond and walnut farm.

Stable and sane: Making employees No. 1 in a crisis

Feb 12 2021

NEW YORK From the start of the pandemic, Itai Lahan, co-founder chief executive of Cloudinary, had one main priority: his employees.

Post-COVID-19, the office will be a clubhouse, says Dialpad CEO

Feb 10 2021

NEW YORK Craig Walker, founder and CEO of cloud communication platform Dialpad, notes that “as a CEO of a startup, you’re always an optimist."

Course to success: Coursera's CEO on the value of lifelong learning

Feb 05 2021

NEW YORK Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of online education provider Coursera, knows what it is like to put his professional life on pause.

Designing success: Diane von Furstenberg's A-Z book of advice

Feb 03 2021

NEW YORK Diane von Furstenberg was working on a new book, "Own It: The Secret to Life," when the pandemic began. Suddenly, the fashion designer's words of wisdom and advice, due to be published in March, seemed more urgent.

Leading in a pandemic: Tips from Sprout Social's founder

Jan 28 2021

NEW YORK Like many other CEOs, Justyn Howard, who founded Sprout Social Inc in 2010, has faced a plethora of new challenges in the past year. The Chicago-based company, which helps more than 25,000 brands manage and optimize their social media platforms, became a publicly traded company in 2019 - and then COVID-19 hit.

CEO Gadea of office-space manager Envoy on how to pivot in a pandemic

Jan 18 2021

NEW YORK When the pandemic hit, Larry Gadea, CEO of the San Francisco-based office-services startup Envoy, saw a chance to pivot.

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