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Chloe Angyal

Why a younger Hillary Clinton may never have had a chance

Jun 18 2015

Clinton is living proof of how sexism and ageism interact: when it comes to leadership positions, women always seem to be held to a higher standard than men, and by the time they’ve accumulated the experience to meet that standard, they’re old enough to be hit with age discrimination

Racism is also a reproductive rights issue

Dec 05 2014

Reproductive justice is not just a matter of making sure that women only become mothers if and when and in the manner they choose – it’s also a matter of making sure that, when they choose to bring children into the world, they don’t bring them into a world that is disproportionately dangerous for those children.

Want a helping hand? Try wearing high heels.

Dec 01 2014

A new study out of France's Université de Bretagne-Sud in finds that men are more likely to lend a helping hand to a woman wearing high heels.

Are these women getting inside Eminem’s head?

Nov 19 2014

This week, Eminem publicly fantasized about brutalizing Lana del Rey in lyrics that also lionize the behavior of former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice, who was caught on video earlier this year beating his fiancé unconscious.

Like her or not, Hillary Clinton may be a cure for political apathy

Sep 23 2014

According to recent research, there is a demonstrable link between women senators and women’s political engagement. A Clinton win would go a long way to decrease political apathy.

Not one woman gets her own pedestal among Central Park’s statues

Sep 05 2014

There are 50 statues in New York’s Central Park, one of the world’s most visited spots. Not one of them is of a woman who exists outside of fiction.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert liberal lions? The guest chair tells a different story.

Aug 22 2014

Late-night comedy will be dominated by white men for the foreseeable future. But achieving diversity among guests can be solved much more quickly.

Why the contestants on ‘Dating Naked’ are (kind of) just like us

Aug 05 2014

Much of the appeal in "Dating Naked" comes from the shock that any person would sign up to go on a series of televised naked dates, and the perverse pleasure of feeling superior to those who have.

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