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Actress Ellen Page spotlights 'environmental racism' in Canadian documentary

Sep 07 2019

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hollywood star Ellen Page has returned to her native Nova Scotia on Canada's Atlantic coast to direct her first film on "environmental racism", debuting Sunday at Toronto's International Film Festival.

Green paradise or data-stealing dystopia? Toronto smart city sparks debate

Mar 11 2019

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A planned smart city in central Toronto could lead to a six-fold drop in greenhouse gas emissions by pooling residents' data, said the company behind its development.

Battling 'biopiracy', scientists catalog the Amazon's genetic wealth

Dec 19 2018

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a bid to stop "biopiracy", researchers are building a giant database to catalog genetic material from the world's largest rainforest.

Dozens of indigenous women forcibly sterilized in Canada, U.N. committee hears

Nov 23 2018

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dozens of indigenous women were forcibly sterilized by Canadian health authorities, including as recently as in 2017, said the lawyer leading a class-action lawsuit against the government.

Canada's indigenous people fight for rights with new cash crop: cannabis

Oct 17 2018

TYENDINAGA, Canada (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In their struggle to regain control over resources and spur economic growth, Canada's indigenous communities have found an unlikely ally: cannabis.

Cuban farmers shrug off promise of private ownership

Aug 20 2018

MATANZAS, Cuba (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Cuba's decision to change its constitution and allow private property ownership has been shrugged off by small farmers, who says the island will never feed itself without far broader reform of state-run agriculture. 

In Canada, climate change could open new farmland to the plow

Sep 24 2017

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As global warming intensifies droughts and floods, causing crop failures in many parts of the world, Canada may see something different: a farming expansion.

Iraqis track abandoned homes with digital tools

Sep 21 2017

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In camps across northern Iraq, people forced from their homes by Islamic State militants are using their phones to track what is happening to their properties, according to researchers who say returning home is crucial for building a safe future in the war-torn nation.

Directing allows Angelina Jolie to 'champion other people'

Sep 12 2017

TORONTO Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie says she never intended to step behind the camera, but traveling around the world for the United Nations opened her eyes to the conflicts that have inspired many of her most recent films. | Video

Homeowners' help needed to avert future flood crises, experts say

Sep 12 2017

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Cities should use subsidies and taxes to get homeowners to protect themselves from climate change, experts said, as millions have been displaced by massive storms across swathes of Florida and the Caribbean and rains in India.

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