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Chris Taylor

YOUR MONEY - Comic heroes teach kids about finance

Oct 16 2018

NEW YORK As any parent knows, getting children to focus can be challenging - even more so when it involves topics like monetary systems.

Your Money: When strangers spill their financial secrets

Oct 09 2018

NEW YORK One recent Monday night in New York City, seven strangers sat around a dinner table sharing the biggest money secrets of their lives.

Eyes on the Prize: First jobs of famous photographers

Oct 05 2018

NEW YORK A photograph can capture the mood of a nation or seminal moments in history in a single frame.

Your Money: What to learn from NFL rookies about getting rich quick

Sep 20 2018

NEW YORK You could hardly design a worse scenario for smart money management than being a rookie in the National Football League. Young men in their early 20s, many from low-income backgrounds, are showered suddenly with millions of dollars, alongside teammates with millions of their own.

Danica Patrick has learned life lessons in the fast lane

Sep 10 2018

NEW YORK If you ever wonder what it's like to be a woman in a man’s world, just consult the planet’s leading authority on the matter: Danica Patrick.

Adventure Time: First jobs of legendary travelers

Sep 05 2018

NEW YORK Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

Get Lucky: How to tilt your odds, in career and finances

Aug 28 2018

NEW YORK (The writer is a Reuters contributor. The opinions expressed are his own.)

The magic of enough: author Brian Portnoy on wealth

Aug 20 2018

NEW YORK If you are like many investors, you obsess over stock fundamentals like earnings, debt or sales growth.

YOUR MONEY: Retirement planning the Dr. Strange way

Aug 06 2018

NEW YORK In the recent film smash “Avengers: Infinity War,” superhero Doctor Strange analyzes more than 14 million possible futures to figure out how to defeat the evil Thanos and save humanity.

Top DJs spin tales of their first jobs

Aug 03 2018

NEW YORK The world’s top DJs are basically demigods of the turntable, packing arenas and wowing electronic dance music (EDM) fans everywhere around the globe.

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