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Christine Murray

'Lax' and 'disjointed' - auditor slams Mexico's anti-trafficking efforts

Jul 01 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mexico's efforts to combat human trafficking have been disjointed and lax, an independent auditor has said in a new report, accusing the government of "disinterest".

Mexico announces end to funding for human trafficking NGOs

Jun 17 2019

MEXICO CITY (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mexico will stop giving financial aid to anti-human trafficking organizations and instead run shelters and victim care directly, the president said on Monday, drawing criticism from activists who said the plan lacked detail.

'They're linked': Mexican prosecutor sets sights on trafficking gangs

Jun 05 2019

TOLUCA, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A veteran Mexican prosecutor has vowed to crack down on gangs forcing people into exploitative work, saying her team is gathering more evidence of links between organized crime and human trafficking.

Mexico City to decriminalize sex work, eyes steps to cut trafficking

Jun 02 2019

MEXICO CITY (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mexico City lawmakers have given the green light to decriminalize sex work in the capital, hoping it will be a first step to a crackdown on sex trafficking that traps thousands of Mexican women and children.

'Who owns the street corner?': Mexico City sex workers march for rights

May 01 2019

MEXICO CITY (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than a hundred sex workers and supporters marched in Mexico City on Wednesday, asking the government to recognize their legal status and guarantee access to HIV medication after fears of shortages under President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Mexico plans special minimum wage for domestic workers in drive to curb abuse

Apr 26 2019

MONTERREY, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mexico's government is planning to introduce a specific minimum wage for its 2 million domestic workers in a drive to boost their labor rights after years of neglect, a official said.

Cuts or closure? Safety fears loom for women at Mexico's trafficking shelters

Apr 17 2019

TAPACHULA, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mexico's few shelters for victims of human trafficking are under threat - one has recently closed and another is on the brink - following a government crackdown on funding for non-profits that campaigners say could leave vulnerable women in fresh danger.

Mexico's new govt to scrutinize 'failing' anti-trafficking strategy

Mar 20 2019

MEXICO CITY (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mexico's new government is reviewing the country's "failing" anti-human trafficking policy with a focus on providing better support for victims, a top official said, after academics and activists criticized previous efforts as lacking impact.

Mexico's missing people agency searching for trafficking victims

Mar 15 2019

MEXICO CITY (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From young men forced to work as hitmen to missing migrants, Mexico will be on the lookout for potential victims of human trafficking as it searches for tens of thousands of people who are registered as disappeared, a leading official said.

Freedom through speech: comic calls for public's help to fight human trafficking

Mar 05 2019

MEXICO CITY (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An online comic strip released on Tuesday tells the story of a Mexican girl working 17-hour days cleaning an American office building until a woman working late sees her and speaks out, leading the girl to freedom from human trafficking.

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