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Coronavirus is greatest test yet of bond market liquidity

Mar 05 2020

March 5 (IFR) - Regulators have long warned of the dangers the corporate bond market could pose to financial stability in times of market stress. So far, the risks have been largely theoretical rather than real. But the coronavirus-induced slump in credit markets will now provide a comprehensive test of how bond investors can navigate such storms in post-financial-crisis trading conditions.

Banks race to sell first post-crisis managed synthetic CDO

Jan 24 2020

* Banks shift to longer-dated deals to boost investor returns

High-yield trader nets Credit Suisse US$120m as rivals struggle

Jan 17 2020

* Senior traders depart JP Morgan and Citigroup, as choppy market picks winners

Forget CDS: equity-default swaps return

Oct 21 2019

Oct 18 (IFR) - A rare and risky form of derivative insuring against stock market crashes is staging a comeback, as banks dust off the pre-crisis playbook in search of ideas to present to yield-hungry investors.

SG pull-back poses questions for CDS market

Oct 04 2019

Oct 3 (IFR) - Societe Generale is paring back credit-default swap trading as part of the overhaul of its investment bank, a move that is sending ripples through the credit derivatives industry where the French lender played an important role until recently.

REFILE-Deutsche Bank's bold gambit: betting big on private credit

Sep 30 2019

* Illiquid positions in private credit: risky, perhaps; profitable, definitely

RPT-Rallye debt losses burn JP Morgan and HSBC

Jun 12 2019

June 12 (IFR) - The pick-up in European corporate defaults continues to weigh on bank trading desks this quarter, with JP Morgan and HSBC on the hook for sizeable losses after French holding company Rallye entered bankruptcy protection last month.

Sales of risky equity products boom despite recent bank losses

May 28 2019

May 28 (IFR) - Sales of structured products are booming again in a key region for these complex, equity-linked securities, just months after banks reported hefty losses from this kind of activity when markets slumped in late 2018.

Next frontier for credit traders: shorting volatility

May 17 2019

May 16 (IFR) - Betting on markets remaining calm has long been a popular, though risky, trade in finance. Now, a growing number of banks is looking to bring such strategies to corporate credit markets, the last major asset class where so-called short volatility trades are rare.

New CDS nearly halves Deutsche Bank default protection costs

May 13 2019

May 13 (IFR) - The cost of default protection on Deutsche Bank nearly halved on Monday following the introduction of new derivatives contracts used to insure against German bank debt defaults.

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