Claudia Ciobanu

Romania’s Roma rise up with revolutionary theater

Aug 17 2017

BUCHAREST (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On a hot summer afternoon, two delicately framed women are pulling off a theatrical tour de force, playing out a real-life drama in a village courtyard close to Bucharest.

Roma fear there is no place for them as Romania's cities modernize

Mar 21 2017

BUCHAREST (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On a freezing night last month, Elena Nicolae and her family, including her 18-month-old grandson, were given two hours to leave their home.

Caucasus "land grab" feared in remote UNESCO heritage site

Feb 20 2017

UPPER SVANETI, Georgia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For the people of Upper Svaneti, a remote sliver of land nestled high in the gorges of Georgia, the last words uttered by the dying are portents of the future.

Romania seeks World Heritage status for Transylvania village in gold mine row

Jan 06 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Romania has asked the United Nations to make a Transylvanian village boasting 18th century houses and intact Roman mining shafts into a World Heritage site in a surprise 11th hour move that could protect it from a gold mine project.

Row over Romania's land of Dracula and gold spills onto new international stage

Nov 09 2016

ROSIA MONTANA, Romania (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A battle over plans to build a huge gold mine in Rosia Montana, a Romanian village boasting intact Roman mining shafts and 18th century houses, has moved to an international stage, sparking residents' fears that the project could be resurrected.

Poland's disappearing lakes fuel battle over coal mining

Jul 10 2016

WILCZYN, Poland (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In early summer, the Wielkopolska region in western Poland looks like a scene from "The Hobbit" with intense green fields and lakes surrounded by dense forest and pretty cottages.

Swallowed by a coal mine: the village that disappeared

May 17 2016

RUNCUREL, Romania (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The letters arrived just before Christmas last year, 134 envelopes addressed to the residents of Runcurel, a village in Romania's south west.

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