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Holocaust survivor and Nazi sympathiser's son forge friendship in Belgium

Oct 23 2020

BRUSSELS More than seven decades ago, their families were divided by war and hatred - Koenraad Tinel, the son of a Nazi sympathiser, and Simon Gronowski, a Holocaust survivor who lost his mother and sister to Auschwitz.

Belgium uses giant 'vacuum cleaner' to remove plastic from nature reserve

Oct 09 2020

BRUSSELS Engineers have built a giant 'vacuum cleaner' to rid a Belgian nature reserve of millions of pieces of plastic litter too small to collect by hand. | Video

Belgium's new princess asks nothing of estranged family

Oct 05 2020

BRUSSELS An artist who won a legal battle to prove that Belgium's former King Albert II is her father said on Monday she was not expecting anything from her new family, after a court last week made her a princess.

Sex workers say Brussels prostitution ban drives them underground

Sep 29 2020

BRUSSELS Belgium's capital has banned prostitution in certain districts in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. For sex- workers, however, the prohibition is a threat to their livelihoods.

Belgian city finds its former mayor's heart in a fountain

Sep 10 2020

VERVIERS For years it was just an urban myth. Then the diggers moved in and found it was true - that the heart of a former mayor of the eastern Belgian city of Verviers really was buried under a fountain. | Video

Belgium seeks new name for road tunnel as it takes on colonial past

Sep 08 2020

BRUSSELS Brussels has asked its residents to pick a new name for the King Leopold II road tunnel in a step aimed at coming to terms with Belgium's colonial past and addressing gender inequality.

Belgian hospitals stock up on drugs, kits for possible second COVID wave

Aug 14 2020

BRUSSELS Belgian hospitals are stockpiling drugs and protective kits and putting in place contingency plans amid a continuing spike in new COVID-19 infections that has forced the capital Brussels to make face masks compulsory in public spaces.

Belgium adopts mobile tracking to limit beach crowds

Jun 26 2020

KNOKKE-HEIST, Belgium Belgium has set up a new system to track mobile phones in order to limit crowding of seaside resorts and beaches that formally open for the summer season on Saturday.

Belgian police protest against denigration of their job

Jun 19 2020

BRUSSELS Around 350 Belgian police officers protested in Brussels on Friday saying they were tired of constant criticism and being "spat on" in public after demonstrations against police racism and brutality in the United States turned global.

COVID-19 robot patrol rolled out in Belgian hospitals

May 29 2020

ANTWERP Robots that speak more than 53 languages, detect fever and determine if people are wearing face masks properly have been rolled out in Belgium as a first line of control in hospitals and shops.

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