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Paris food hub emerges from lockdown with hopes of restaurant return

May 15 2020

RUNGIS, France Business is stirring at a giant wholesale produce market near Paris after France loosened coronavirus containment measures this week, but food firms are waiting for restaurant and hotel trade to return before celebrating.

'Don't give up', French virus survivor tells others fighting disease

Apr 24 2020

STAINS, France On April 5, 61-year-old Mang Phother felt his breathing getting worse and worse. Two days later he was rushed to a hospital in Paris' northern suburbs and found himself battling COVID-19 from an intensive care bed. | Video

Coronavirus preys on inequalities in working class Paris suburb

Apr 21 2020

STAINS, France Resuscitation nurse Aline Lheureux feared there would be trouble in the impoverished Paris suburb where she works when she heard youngsters playing sport in the streets outside even though France was under tough lockdown rules.

French doctor, 98, keeps working through coronavirus crisis

Apr 16 2020

CHEVILLY-LARUE Doctor Christian Chenay is almost old enough to remember the 1918 Spanish flu and treated typhus sufferers during World War Two. Now, as he nears his 99th birthday, he is still caring for patients through the coronavirus epidemic. | Video

Learning on the job: French student doctor thrown into coronavirus front line

Apr 01 2020

CHAMPIGNY-SUR-MARNE, France Medical student Elodie Vieira uses her stethoscope to check the breathing of a patient, who coughs strongly as she gets closer.

Thousands peacefully protest French IVF law, avoiding repeat of 2013 violence

Oct 06 2019

PARIS An estimated 42,000 protesters took to the streets of Paris on Sunday, peacefully demonstrating against a draft law allowing lesbians and single women to conceive children with medical assistance, police said.

Chiding Macron, Putin says 'I don't want yellow vests in Russia'

Aug 19 2019

FORT BREGANCON, France Vladimir Putin rebuked his French counterpart on Monday, saying he did not want "yellow vest" protests spring up like in France, after Emmanuel Macron urged the Russian leader to abide by democratic principles following weeks of protests in Moscow. | Video

Riot police, masked protesters clash at Paris May Day rally

May 01 2019

PARIS Dozens of masked and hooded anarchists clashed with riot police in Paris on Wednesday, burning bins, smashing property and hurling bottles and rocks, hijacking a May Day rally that was focused on protesting against President Emmanuel Macron's policies. | Video

Blaze kills 10 in Paris apartment block, arson suspected

Feb 05 2019

PARIS Flames tore through an apartment block in Paris, killing at least 10 residents in the early hours of Tuesday, after what prosecutors said looked like an arson attack. | Video

Knifeman kills mother, sister in Paris suburb attack

Aug 23 2018

TRAPPES, France A man with psychiatric problems fatally stabbed his mother and sister in the Paris suburb of Trappes on Thursday and seriously wounded a third person, French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said. | Video

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