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Bosnian builds rotating house so that his wife has diversified view

Oct 11 2021

SRBAC, Bosnia (Reuters) -Seeking to please his wife who had wished for a more diversified view from their family house, a Bosnian self-taught innovator has built a rotating house, allowing her to watch a rising sun in one moment and passers-by in the next. | Video

Mladic verdict reveals Bosnia's divisions, lack of reconciliation

Jun 08 2021

SREBRENICA Survivors and relatives of victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday after U.N. war crimes judges upheld the genocide conviction and life sentence of former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic.

'I need mama, I need school', migrant child stuck in Bosnia appeals to EU

Feb 02 2021

VELIKA KLADUSA, Bosnia Fourteen year-old Amim Hzam from Iraq says he has tried to enter European Union member Croatia with his family forty times from northwestern Bosnia over the last two years.

Hundreds of migrants without shelter in Bosnia as winter bites

Jan 06 2021

BIHAC, Bosnia Nearly 3,000 migrants are stranded in northern Bosnia without shelter, the International Organization for Migration said, and some are suffering from respiratory problems and other complications as night-time temperatures plunge. | Video

Thousands of migrants left without shelter after Bosnia camp burned down

Dec 24 2020

BIHAC, Bosnia More than a thousand migrants from Asia, the Middle East and North Africa were left to sleep in the cold after their camp in northwestern Bosnia burned down amid a dispute among Bosnian politicians over where to house them.

In Bosnia's Mostar, ethnic parties win 1st local vote in 12 years

Dec 20 2020

MOSTAR, Bosnia Preliminary results from the first local election in 12 years in the Bosnian town of Mostar on Sunday showed most votes going to the Croat and Bosniak parties whose rivalry had left the ethnically divided town without a city council since 2012.

Bosnia's divided town of Mostar holds first local vote in 12 years

Dec 20 2020

MOSTAR, Bosnia Dec 20 Citizens in Bosnia's ethnically divided town of Mostar voted for their city councillors on Sunday for the first time in 12 years, after the rival Croat and Bosniak parties that rule the town agreed on long-disputed electoral rules.

Daredevil divers plunge from Bosnian bridge in centuries-old tradition

Jul 26 2020

MOSTAR, Bosnia Divers hurled themselves from a 24-metre (79-ft) high Ottoman-era bridge in the Bosnian town of Mostar on Sunday, staging a centuries-old contest even though the COVID-19 pandemic prevented many visitors from coming.

Survivors of Srebrenica genocide march to honour victims, 25 years on

Jul 08 2020

CRNI VRH, Bosnia Dozens of survivors of the Srebrenica genocide marched through the woods of eastern Bosnia on Wednesday along the route they took to escape Bosnian Serb death squads a quarter of a century ago this week.

Bosnia junior swimming champion makes do with tiny pool in greenhouse

Apr 24 2020

DOBOJ, Bosnia Competitive swimmers around the world had their training plans scuppered when coronavirus lockdowns forced the closure of most pools. Not so in the case of Bosnian junior swimming champion Iman Avdic, whose father has come up with a home-made solution.

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