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With crisis escalating, Venezuela's Maduro to meet opposition

Oct 30 2016

CARACAS, Oct 30 Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro was to sit down on Sunday with opposition representatives and foreign mediators, a gesture his foes suspect is a time-wasting tactic to ease pressure on the unpopular socialist leader.

Venezuela opposition calls October 12 protest to press Maduro recall

Sep 26 2016

CARACAS Venezuela's opposition called on Monday for mass rallies nationwide on Oct. 12 to push for a referendum to recall President Nicolas Maduro this year as they seek to oust his Socialist Party in an early presidential election.

Venezuela election board sinks push for Maduro referendum in 2016

Sep 22 2016

CARACAS Venezuela's national election board on Wednesday dashed opposition hopes of holding a referendum this year to remove unpopular socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela opposition running out of options to force 2016 Maduro vote

Sep 16 2016

CARACAS Venezuela's opposition failed to draw large numbers on Friday in its latest protests against President Nicolas Maduro, and the national election board delayed a decision on the next stage of a possible referendum on his socialist rule.

Davis Cup round moved to Peru from Venezuela on security concerns

Sep 08 2016

CARACAS Peru will host a Davis Cup match between itself and Venezuela after the International Tennis Federation decided that concerns over security in Venezuela, the original site for the event, required a change of venue.

Venezuela opposition aims to flood Caracas in anti-Maduro protest

Sep 01 2016

CARACAS White-clad opposition supporters from all corners of Venezuela were descending on Caracas on Thursday for rallies intended to press for a recall referendum this year against unpopular socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

'Life worth more than Pokemon,' Venezuela gamers told

Aug 10 2016

CARACAS A Pokemon Go player hides his cellphone in the carved out pages of a 19th-century French novel, hoping to avoid criminals on Venezuela's notoriously dangerous streets.

Venezuela election board okays opposition recall push first phase

Aug 01 2016

CARACAS Venezuela's election board said on Monday the opposition successfully collected 1 percent of voter signatures in every state in the first phase of their push for a referendum to recall socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela's opposition-run congress defies government over ban

Jul 28 2016

CARACAS Venezuela's opposition-run National Assembly defied President Nicolas Maduro's government and ratcheted up a conflict of powers on Thursday by reinstating three lawmakers banned over fraud accusations in the December parliamentary vote.

Venezuela food shortages leave zoo animals hungry

Jul 27 2016

CARACAS Some 50 animals have starved to death in the last six months at one of Venezuela's main zoos, according to a union leader, due to chronic food shortages that have plagued the crisis-stricken South American nation. | Video

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