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Entergy dispatchers were supervisors, says NLRB

Mar 22 2019

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that dispatchers for a unit of electrical company Entergy Corp in Mississippi were supervisors who cannot unionize, in a long-running case that was sent back to the board by a U.S. appeals court.

NLRB chair says joint employer comment review won't be outsourced

Mar 22 2019

National Labor Relations Board Chairman John Ring on Friday told two Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives that they were "misinformed" about the agency's plan to outsource the review of thousands of public comments on a proposed "joint employment" rule.

EEOC Monitor: Judge wants explanation for delay in implementing pay data rule

Mar 21 2019

A federal judge in Washington D.C. has ordered the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to explain why it has not told employers they must comply with an Obama-era rule requiring disclosure of pay data broken down by sex and race, after she ruled that the Trump administration improperly stopped it from taking effect.

Microsoft workers say judge who nixed sex-bias claims misapplied Dukes

Mar 19 2019

Women suing Microsoft Corp for sex bias have told a U.S. appeals court that their claims are suitable for class action treatment because they properly identified companywide policies that discriminate against women in pay and promotions.

Judge says no backpay for Janus plaintiffs after SCOTUS win

Mar 19 2019

A federal judge has ruled that Illinois state workers who won a landmark victory at the U.S. Supreme Court cannot recoup the so-called "fair share fees" they had paid to their union before the high court declared them unconstitutional.

9th Circuit says churches can forfeit Title VII exemption

Mar 18 2019

A U.S. appeals court on Monday held that religious organizations can forfeit an exemption from the federal law banning workplace religious discrimination in a case involving the Salvation Army.

3rd Circuit told that Philly salary history law backed by 'common sense'

Mar 18 2019

The city of Philadelphia's top lawyer has told a U.S. appeals court that the city's lawmakers properly relied on "simple common sense" rather than hard evidence in banning employers from asking job applicants about their salary history.

NLRB’s outsourcing of comment review could 'taint' joint employer rule - Dems

Mar 15 2019

Two Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have asked the National Labor Relations Board to shed light on its reported plan to have outside contractors review thousands of public comments on a proposed "joint employment" rule, saying it could pose conflicts of interest.

DOL says companies cannot delay placing workers on FMLA leave

Mar 14 2019

The U.S. Department of Labor on Thursday said employers cannot allow workers to delay taking the up to 12 weeks of leave guaranteed by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act once they have established that they have a qualifying condition by permitting them to exhaust other types of leave first.

OSHA fatality investigations surge as other inspections dip - report

Mar 14 2019

Inspections by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration declined in several key areas last year, even as the number of investigations launched as a result of worker deaths climbed dramatically, according to a report released Thursday by a union-backed advocacy group.

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