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Climate-smart cassava gets new use in Zambia: hand sanitiser

May 01 2020

LUSAKA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - To deal with drier conditions brought by a shifting climate, farmer Pamela Nyirenda last year shifted to growing drought-hardy cassava, among other new water-sipping crops such as groundnuts and cowpea.

As wells dry, Zambia regulates use of groundwater

May 16 2018

LUSAKA(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Faced with longer droughts and growing water demand, the Zambian government has introduced fees on groundwater use.

Zambia exports confiscated logs in controversial timber ban

Mar 05 2018

LUSAKA, March 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Zambian authorities have begun exporting timber confiscated from illegal loggers who continue to fell trees despite a nationwide ban to protect the country's dwindling forests.

Power-short Zambia launches switch to 100 percent LED bulbs

Mar 30 2017

LUSAKA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Zambia is attempting to convert the nation to energy-saving light emitting diode (LED) lightbulbs to help plug crippling power shortages that have hit mining and agriculture and imposed daily rationing on parts of the country.    

Zambia tries new way to beat drought - solar grain mills

Jan 17 2017

LUSAKA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For Inonge Imutowana, buying food for her family of six is becoming increasingly costly. On the outskirts of the capital, a 25-kilo bag of staple mealie meal that cost 65 kwacha a year ago now is selling for 140 kwacha ($14).

As drought hits Zambian harvests, food prices are on the rise

Sep 08 2016

LUSAKA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Lower harvests of maize, wheat and sugarcane as a result of severe weather in the region are pushing up prices for Zambia's staple foods, according to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Drought-parched Zambia turns to the sun to keep water flowing

Jun 08 2016

KAZUNGULA, Zambia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Munji Malambo and his younger brother used to wake up at 5 a.m. every day to fetch water for their family and livestock. With the nearest working well over two kilometers away, the boys often missed school as they carried enough water home.

Low rainfall and crippling power shortages hit Zambia's economy

Oct 15 2015

LUSAKA, Zambia Oct 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Brenda Nglazi Zulu has tried to adapt to the power cuts that sometimes leave her home in the capital Lusaka without electricity for half the day. She bought a gas stove and installed solar panels to help keep her lights on.

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