David Axe

Commentary: Trump likes everything shiny and new. But older bombers are better.

Oct 11 2016

During the second presidential debate, Republican nominee Donald Trump complained that the U.S. nuclear arsenal is old, Russia's is new – and that is a big problem. He was wrong on all counts.

Commentary: Here’s how the U.S. Navy will defeat Iran’s speedboats

Aug 30 2016

Four times last week, speedboats belonging to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – a sort of government-sanctioned Islamic militia – harassed four American vessels patrolling the Persian Gulf.

Commentary: What the U.S. should learn from Britain’s dying navy

Oct 14 2016

Britain used to boast the most powerful navy in the world. No more.

Commentary: Drones, fighter jets and the future U.S. Air Force

Jul 05 2016

Right before the July 4 holiday, the U.S. government released its first official report on civilian casualties of America's long-running drone attacks on terror suspects in war zones across the globe.


May 11 2016

[6日 ロイター] - あたかも空中で何十年も行方不明の状態だった米政府は、ようやく最新鋭の実験航空機を建造するビジネスに復帰した。これは最先端航空機の境界線を広げるものだ。

Commentary: The Pentagon again vies to build a better 'X-plane’

May 06 2016

After decades of being MIA in the skies, Washington is getting back into the business of building cutting-edge experimental aircraft that can expand the boundaries of state-of-the-art aerial.

Commentary: What is Squad X, and how much will it change the U.S. Army?

Apr 11 2016

The U.S. military has launched a program to equip its front-line soldiers with the latest battlefield technology. The Squad X initiative would give an Army or Marine Corps squad new computerized weapons, the latest smartphone-style communications and even easy-to-use robot helpers.

What is Squad X, and how much will it change the U.S. Army?

Apr 10 2016

The Pentagon has repeatedly failed to manage complex weapons programs without cost overruns and technical problems, the prime example being the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

One area where the Pentagon is playing catchup with Russia and China

Feb 23 2016

The new anti-ship weapons are stealthier, fly farther and faster and pack more destructive power than the Navy’s current arsenal.

NATO could have trouble combatting Putin’s military strategy

Sep 15 2014

Moscow may not choose to fight on NATO’s terms. A new Russian secret warfare called maskirovka might not qualify as a military attack -- and so avoid triggering NATO intervention.

World News

N.Korea fires two ballistic missiles from Pyongyang airport, S.Korea says

SEOUL (Reuters) -North Korea fired two suspected short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM) on Monday from an airport in its capital city of Pyongyang, South Korea's military reported, the fourth test https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/north-korea-used-railway-born-missile-fridays-test-kcna-2022-01-14 this month to demonstrate its expanding missile arsenal.