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UK recovery quickens in April as economy posts record annual jump

Jun 11 2021

LONDON Britain's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic sped up in April as lockdown measures eased, with the fastest monthly growth since July leaving output a record 27.6% higher than a year earlier, when the virus was rampant and lockdown tightest. | Video

BIS official casts doubt on El Salvador bitcoin 'experiment'

Jun 11 2021

LONDON (Reuters) -El Salvador's decision to make bitcoin legal tender is an "interesting experiment" with a speculative asset that does not pass the test for being a reliable means of payment, a senior global central banking official said on Friday.

BoE says 'stablecoin' payments need same rules as banks

Jun 07 2021

LONDON (Reuters) -The Bank of England said on Monday that payments with 'stablecoins' - a form of cryptocurrency usually pegged to a traditional currency - should be regulated in the same way as payments handled by banks if they start to become widely used.

UK house prices rise by most since 2014 - Halifax

Jun 07 2021

LONDON British house prices in May were 9.5% higher than a year earlier, their biggest annual increase since June 2014, adding to signs of a boom in the property market, figures from mortgage lender Halifax showed on Monday.

Tech giants and tax havens targeted by historic G7 deal

Jun 05 2021

LONDON (Reuters) -The United States, Britain and other large, rich nations reached a landmark deal on Saturday to squeeze more money out of multinational companies such as Amazon and Google and reduce their incentive to shift profits to low-tax offshore havens. | Video

G7 nations near historic deal on taxing multinationals

Jun 05 2021

LONDON, June 5 Group of Seven rich nations will seek to overcome long-standing differences on Saturday and strike a landmark deal to close the net on large companies that they say do not pay enough tax.

G7 nations 'just one millimetre' from historic tax deal

Jun 04 2021

LONDON (Reuters) -Some of the world's richest nations are within touching distance of a historic deal to close the net on large companies which do not pay their fair share of tax, France and Germany said on Friday after a day of talks in London. | Video

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