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After Ida, U.S. cities eye more equal resilience plans

Sep 21 2021

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) -When the remnants of Hurricane Ida flooded his New York City neighborhood, Johnson Ho had to wade through sewage water to save four downstairs neighbors driven from their apartments.

Hurricane Ida power failures prompt calls for more solar energy, tougher grids

Sep 09 2021

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Jenel Hazlett, 61, had a choice to make with Hurricane Ida bearing down on New Orleans: stay in the city and hope for the best, or evacuate with her small “zoo” of animals in tow.

CORRECTED-Climate-driven extreme heat threatens $500 bln in new U.S. costs by 2050

Sep 01 2021

WASHINGTON, Aug 31 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Worsening extreme heat is likely to significantly boost economic and public health costs in the United States without a major course correction on climate change, researchers said in a report published on Tuesday.

'Don't let us die': U.S. gig workers brace for unemployment benefits cliff

Sep 01 2021

* Federal pandemic unemployment assistance to expire on Sept. 6

Climate change fuels more ‘fire-prone’ days beyond U.S. West coast

Aug 25 2021

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Climate change is fueling conditions for more rapid growth of wildfires in the western United States - including in some places, from Oklahoma to Nebraska, that may not expect them, researchers said Wednesday.

FEATURE-U.S. infrastructure bill aims to cool heat inequity in cities

Aug 19 2021

* New program aims to mitigate 'heat islands' in low-income areas

U.S. prisons mull AI to analyze inmate phone calls

Aug 10 2021

WASHINGTON/LOS ANGELES (Thomson Reuters Foundation) -For people like Heather Bollin, a 43-year-old woman in Texas engaged to a man who is currently incarcerated, constant surveillance is a fact of life: the three daily phone calls they have together are subject to monitoring by prison officials.

U.S. cities try to head off eviction wave as federal ban expires

Jul 30 2021

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rebecca, a 54-year-old retired nurse from Clearwater, Florida, said she was pressured to sign papers confirming she would pay extra rent - which she could not afford - to stay in her home after her landlord filed for an eviction in March.

U.S. climate spending could help rural communities embrace green shift

Jul 21 2021

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Steering billions of dollars in climate-related federal spending to rural parts of the United States would generate a substantial return on investment, researchers said Wednesday, urging policy-makers to seek regional equity in the clean energy transition.

Digital divide could deny poorest Americans new child tax benefits

Jul 14 2021

WASHINGTON/LOS ANGELES (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At the Maryland nonprofit where Robin McKinney and her team help low-income Americans with their taxes, requests for help have been flooding in during the COVID-19 pandemic as libraries and other spots with free internet access shut their doors.

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