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David Wise

Commentary: When does hacking become Russian disinformation?

Oct 24 2016

During the Cold War, the KGB coined the term “desinformatsiya,” or disinformation, which the CIA defined as "false, incomplete or misleading information" fed to various targets. Both the Soviet Union and the United States engaged in the same game, though the Russians played it far more vigorously.

Commentary:The real danger in Trump’s public response to his secret security briefings

Sep 26 2016

Presidential nominees are not supposed to talk about the intelligence briefings they receive as part of their race for the White House. The classified security information is supposed to help them fully prepare for the presidency — not to be discussed publicly on the campaign trail.

If secrecy is the whole point, how do you make intelligence agencies share?

Mar 25 2016

Intelligence agencies exist to steal secrets of other countries and protect their own. Few outsiders can appreciate how deep that instinct for secrecy runs.

Why it’s so hard to root out violent extremists before they strike

Feb 07 2016

All the high-tech tools of government surveillance are of little use if a terrorist does litt1e to draw attention.

Is the intelligence on Syria different this time?

Sep 09 2013

The long shadow of the faulty, hyped intelligence in the run-up to the war in Iraq has posed a huge barrier to President Barack Obama's efforts to win public and congressional support for a limited missile strike against Syria.

Column: What the Boston bombers manhunt revealed about the FBI

Apr 23 2013

In the end it was a high-tech gadget that allowed the FBI to identify the first Boston bomber in the video, the man agents called "Black Hat."

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