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Fuel shortages the new normal in Venezuela as oil industry unravels

Nov 13 2018

VALENCIA/CARACAS With chronic shortages of basic goods afflicting her native Venezuela, Veronica Perez used to drive from supermarket to supermarket in her gray Chevrolet Aveo searching for food.

Venezuela jails 34 store managers on charges of price gouging

Sep 20 2018

CARACAS Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday that 34 supermarket managers had been jailed on charges of hiding food and gouging prices, in the leftist government's latest crackdown on businesses as the country struggles under a severe economic downturn.

Powerful quake hits Venezuela coast, damage limited

Aug 22 2018

CARACAS A major earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck Venezuela's eastern coast, home to largely poor fishing communities, on Tuesday afternoon, shaking buildings as far away as Colombian capital Bogota and knocking power out in parts of Trinidad. | Video

U.S. court allows Crystallex to attach shares of Venezuela Citgo owner

Aug 09 2018

CARACAS A United States court has approved a request by Canadian gold miner Crystallex to attach shares in a U.S. subsidiary of Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA that indirectly controls refiner Citgo, according to a filing on Thursday.

Maduro move to lop five zeroes off currency worries Venezuelans

Jul 27 2018

CARACAS/MARACAIBO, Venezuela Some Venezuelans worried on Thursday about how to pay for public transport and gasoline after leftist President Nicolas Maduro announced plans to slash five zeroes off the country's bolivar currency, rather than the three originally planned. | Video

Venezuela's domestic airline industry suffers amid economic crisis

Jul 07 2018

MAIQUETIA, Venezuela Venezuela's domestic airline industry is struggling to maintain operations due to hyperinflation and shortages of spare parts, according to an industry association, making it increasingly hard to obtain tickets and causing chronic flight delays. | Video

Venezuela oil upgraders halting operations amid export crisis: sources

Jun 12 2018

CARACAS/HOUSTON Venezuela's state-run PDVSA [PDVSA.UL] and partners have halted operations at two upgraders that convert extra-heavy oil into exportable crude and plan to stop work at two others, according to six sources close to the projects, a move aimed at easing the strains from a tanker backlog that is delaying shipments.

Venezuela's PDVSA raises prospect of force majeure on oil exports: sources

Jun 06 2018

HOUSTON/CARACAS OPEC member Venezuela has raised the prospect of declaring force majeure on contracts with major crude buyers amid plummeting output from its oil fields and tanker bottlenecks at ports, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

Venezuela frees more anti-Maduro activists

Jun 02 2018

CARACAS Venezuela was freeing a second group of jailed opponents of President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday after admonishing them for alleged violent crimes against the socialist government.

Cuba's new leader praises Maduro in 'solidarity' visit to Venezuela

May 30 2018

CARACAS Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel flew to Caracas on Wednesday for his first foreign trip as head of state, a show of solidarity for Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, whose controversial re-election this month has drawn condemnation in the West.

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