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Money manager tackles radio rival with trademark lawsuit over 'Financial Quarterback'

Jul 18 2019

New Jersey-based Jalinski Advisory Group, which offers financial services under the "Financial Quarterback" brand, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Edelman Financial Engines, accusing it of unlawfully using the name to promote its own services.

9th Circuit rejects Asarco's cleanup claim against Union Pacific

Jul 18 2019

Copper miner Asarco cannot recover part of its estimated $485 million in cleanup costs at a Superfund site in Idaho from Union Pacific Railroad because Asarco released its claims against the company in a previous settlement, a federal appeals court ruled.

Judge tosses 'Googles' trademark holder's lawsuit against Google

Jul 17 2019

A federal judge has dismissed a $25 million lawsuit accusing Alphabet's Google of violating a settlement with a company that had trademarked the name Googles for a children's website.

Lawsuit alleges Wells Fargo denies auto loans to DACA recipients

Jul 17 2019

An Illinois man who says he was denied an auto loan from Wells Fargo because he is in the country under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has filed a proposed class action against the bank alleging discriminatory loan practices.

Marvel defeats copyright lawsuit over 'Iron Man 3' poster

Jul 16 2019

A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit accusing Walt Disney's Marvel Entertainment of copying two comic book artists' work for an "Iron Man 3" movie poster, saying evidence showed that the entertainment company independently created the poster.

Maui wastewater discharges violate federal law, groups tell high court

Jul 15 2019

The County of Maui should be held liable for Clean Water Act violations for discharging treated wastewater into groundwater that eventually reaches the Pacific Ocean, three environmental groups told the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday.

Lawsuit says Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley manipulated precious metals futures

Jul 15 2019

Bank of America, its commodities arm Merrill Lynch Commodities and Morgan Stanley were hit with a proposed class action on Friday alleging that they manipulated prices in the precious metals futures market by "spoofing," or placing orders they never intended to execute.

Honda hit with lawsuit over Acura RDX's infotainment system

Jul 12 2019

American Honda Motor Co has been hit with a proposed nationwide class action alleging that it sold thousands of luxury sport utility vehicles with defective infotainment systems it has been unable to fix.

6th Circuit rules against Ohio landowners in Columbia Gas trespass lawsuit

Jul 11 2019

Dozens of Ohio landowners cannot hold pipeline operator Columbia Gas Transmission liable for trespassing for storing natural gas under their property because they had no intention of using the subsurface themselves, a federal appeals court ruled.

10th Circuit rules for Energy West in coal miner's black lung claim

Jul 10 2019

A federal appeals court has vacated an administrative law judge's ruling that Energy West Mining Co owed lifetime disability benefits to a now deceased employee who claimed he contracted lung disease from working in the company's mines.

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