Derek Caney

Tuesday Morning Briefing: No mandates, less Medicaid

Mar 07 2017

The Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare scraps the mandate that requires almost all Americans to have health insurance, sort of. In the mandate's place would be a series of tax credits Americans could use to buy insurance on the open market, but instead of being means-based, the credits would be based on age, with limits for higher incomes.

Data Dive: A snappy windfall

Mar 03 2017

Snap Inc's founders pocketed a cool $272 million each from the shares they sold in the company's initial public offering. But that's just a fraction of the their stakes in the company.

Friday Morning Briefing: 'The atmosphere has become toxic'

Mar 03 2017

The tightening of computer systems. The inspection of government aides' cellphones. Fears of phone and email monitoring. President Donald Trump is unhappy with the leaks to the media coming from his administration. But the Trump administration's efforts to plug those leaks has fueled paranoia among Beltway civil servants to a point where some are afraid to speak their minds during internal discussions.

Thursday Morning Briefing: Sessions under scrutiny over contacts with Russia

Mar 02 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions met twice with the Russian ambassador last year while he was still a senator and he failed to disclose those meetings to Congress during his confirmation hearings, the Washington Post reported.

Wednesday Morning Briefing: A more presidential president

Mar 01 2017

Gone were the ad hominem attacks on his critics. The bellicose bravado was toned down. He shifted from his harsh rhetoric on immigration. At times, he even sounded like a Democrat (infrastructure, paid family leave, investment in women's health). He didn't even take pot shots at the media.

Tuesday Morning Briefing: Trump makes his debut on Capitol Hill

Feb 28 2017

When President Donald Trump addresses Congress for the first time, he will face not only sanguinary Democrats but a fair number of Republicans who will need to be won over. For example, Trump floated a 10 percent increase in the defense budget to $603 billion. Not enough, said John McCain, the Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Obamacare, Islamic State and immigration are also expected to be on the agenda for tonight's speech.

Monday Morning Briefing: And the Oscar goes to La La…wait…Moonlight!

Feb 27 2017

When Warren Beatty paused before announcing the winner of the Academy Award for the Best Picture, he wasn't hamming it up. The name of the film on the envelope was "La La Land." Only Beatty was holding the envelope that had the name of winner of Best Actress, who was Emma Stone from "La La Land. The actual winner was "Moonlight," a film about a gay black man growing up in Miami. The film beat overwhelming odds to win Hollywood's biggest accolade.

Friday Morning Briefing: Yes nukes

Feb 24 2017

No country will surpass the nuclear weapons capacity of the United States, said President Donald Trump, casting doubt on whether he would honor the New START arms limitation treaty with Russia.

Thursday Morning Briefing: Red Red Meat

Feb 23 2017

Yes, it must be CPAC time again – when Republicans gather to tout their conservative bona fides, rising stars are anointed and panel discussions, like the ones listed above, ensue. This year, Republicans have a lot to celebrate. It's not just that they have retaken the White House and Senate, held on to the House and are poised to take over the Supreme Court. It's that despite the many differences within the Republican Party, this once-fringe event now represents the mainstream of the right.

Wednesday Morning Briefing: Dreamer or gang member?

Feb 15 2017

It would seem that Daniel Ramirez Medina is a textbook "dreamer" – a 23-year-old man who came to this country as child and granted a work permit under the Obama administration. But Immigration and Customs Enforcement calls him a "self-admitted gang member," an accusation Ramirez "unequivocally denies." His arrest could make him the first person covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to be detained under the Trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigrants.

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