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Dimi Reider

Netanyahu’s invitation to French Jews was awkward. For many reasons.

Jan 14 2015

The Israeli Prime Minister said his country welcomes French Jews with "open arms" after the antisemitic attack in Paris last week.

A one-state solution: Israel’s settlements aren’t going away

Nov 13 2014

That will depend on whether Palestinians as well as Israelis are ready to embrace a one-state solution.

Here’s why Israel loses no sleep over Islamic State

Oct 21 2014

At first sight, it seems that Israel is just as preoccupied with the rise of Islamic State as anyone else. That's not the case.

Israel’s prime minister is obsessed with Iran. The rest of Israel? Not so much.

Oct 02 2014

Few in the United Nations General Assembly, or the Israeli media, seem to share the Israeli leader's concerns about Iran.

Israel appropriated 1,000 acres of the West Bank. Why now?

Sep 08 2014

The timing of this most recent appropriation has little to do with any particular act of Palestinian violence. Ultimately, the move is about geopolitics

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