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Dance helps Congo's rape survivors cope with trauma

Jun 14 2021

BUKAVU, Democratic Republic of Congo It was the silence of the traumatised young women she saw before her that convinced dance teacher Amina Lusambo she must do something to help.

Little food and water for Congolese fleeing volcano

May 28 2021

SAKE, Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) -Families fleeing a volcano eruption in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo said on Friday they were struggling to find enough food and water as the United Nations called for aid and warned about the risk of cholera.

Thousands flee Goma after Congo warns of possible new eruption

May 27 2021

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) -Thousands of people scrambled to flee the Congolese city of Goma on Thursday, some picking their way across landscapes scarred with lava, after officials said a second volcanic eruption could happen any time. | Video

U.N. to relocate half its aid workers from volcano-hit city in Congo

May 26 2021

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo The United Nations said on Wednesday it was temporarily relocating around half its humanitarian staff from the eastern Congo city of Goma following a volcanic eruption that sent lava to the edge of town and triggered hundreds of earthquakes.

A botched ransom attempt? Ambassador's death in Congo may not be what it seemed

May 26 2021

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo At around 10:00 a.m. on Feb. 22, seven men, some armed, stepped onto a road in eastern Congo and forced two cars belonging to the United Nations World Food Programme to stop.

Earthquakes in Congo raze buildings, stoke fear of second volcanic eruption

May 25 2021

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) -An earthquake on the border of Congo and Rwanda razed buildings in the city of Goma on Tuesday and stoked fears a nearby volcano would erupt again three days after dozens of people were killed and 17 villages were destroyed by lava. | Video

Rising magma and empty coffers raise alarm for Congo's volcano-watchers

Mar 10 2021

MT. NYIRAGONGO, Democratic Republic of Congo Standing on the serrated edge of Mount Nyiragongo's crater in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, volcanologist Honore Ciraba peered into the lens of a device measuring changes in the size of the volcano's rim. | Video

Pandemic derails trade for Congo's disabled border couriers

Feb 08 2021

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo Perched on a super-sized tricycle laden with sacks of mangoes, disabled courier Claude Kalwira scooted over the short stretch of no-man's-land between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Guardians of Congo's gorillas unbowed as ambushed colleague is buried

Jan 12 2021

GOMA, Congo A line of Congolese park rangers raised their guns in salute on Monday as the coffin bearing their colleague Burhani Abdou Surumwe, a 30-year-old father of four, was buried in the black volcanic soil of a Muslim cemetery outside Goma.

Eastern Congo militia pledges to surrender after leader forced out

Jul 09 2020

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo One of the largest rebel groups in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo announced overnight that it had ousted its leader, accusing him of human rights abuses, and planned to surrender.

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