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China plans overhaul of seed rules to pave way for GMO approvals

Nov 15 2021

BEIJING (Reuters) -China has laid out a clear path for seed makers to get approval for genetically modified crops, under proposed rule changes that should lead to commercial cultivation of GM corn.

Beijing residents stock up on cabbages in uncertain times

Nov 08 2021

BEIJING Older residents in Beijing recently stocked up on cabbage, giving a tradition a new lease of life after the government advised people to keep enough basic goods at home in case of emergencies.

Don't worry, China has plenty of veg and grain, farm officials say

Nov 04 2021

BEIJING China's vegetable production is basically normal and it has enough wheat to meet demand for one and a half years, agriculture officials said on Thursday, in a further effort to reassure the public there is no need to worry about shortages.

Chinese stock up on staples after government 'just in case' advice prompts confusion

Nov 03 2021

BEIJING Beijing shoppers stocked up on cabbage, rice and flour for the winter on Wednesday, after the government urged people https://www.reuters.com/world/china/china-urges-families-keep-stores-daily-needs-ahead-winter-2021-11-02/#:~:text=SHANGHAI%2FBEIJING%2C%20Nov%202%20(,raised%20concerns%20about%20supply%20shortages to keep stores of basic goods in case of emergencies, though it assured them there were sufficient supplies after some panic-buying. | Video

China urges families to keep stocks of daily necessities ahead of winter

Nov 02 2021

SHANGHAI/BEIJING The Chinese government has told families to keep daily necessities in stock in case of emergencies, after COVID-19 outbreaks and unusually heavy rains that caused a surge in vegetable prices raised concerns about supply shortages.

China's new pig farmers aim to ride out boom-bust cycle

Nov 02 2021

CHONGQING, China China's huge hog sector is struggling with excess production after millions of small, often first-time, pig farmers entered the industry to capitalise on record profits during a swine-fever related shortage.

Vegetables pricier than pork worry Chinese consumers as costs swell

Oct 27 2021

BEIJING Vegetable prices are surging in China after heavy rain swamped crops this month, fuelling concern over food prices at a time when consumers must brace for a hike in energy costs in the run-up to winter.

Rise in human bird flu cases in China shows risk of fast-changing variants - health experts

Oct 26 2021

BEIJING A jump in the number of people in China infected with bird flu this year is raising concern among experts, who say a previously circulating strain appears to have changed and may be more infectious to people.

UPDATE 3-China posts highest Q3 pork output in three years as herd recovers

Oct 18 2021

BEIJING, Oct 18 China's third-quarter pork production surged to its highest in three years, official data showed on Monday, after producers built thousands of large breeding farms last year to rebuild a hog herd decimated by African swine fever.

Heavy rain hits China corn harvest, raises quality concerns

Oct 08 2021

BEIJING Heavy rain across northern China this week has delayed the corn harvest, submerged fields in water and raised concerns about the quality of the crop in the world's second largest producer, analysts and farmers said on Friday.

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