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London restaurants fret as going out goes out of style

Jul 16 2020

LONDON Restaurants might have reopened, but the owner of Etta's Seafood Kitchen in London's Brixton Village market fears the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown may have changed customer behaviour for good. | Video

Reform, not revolution, is path to Black equality, says UK activist

Jun 25 2020

LONDON Those fighting for Black racial equality in Britain need to put realistic reform over dreams of revolution, said Imarn Ayton, an activist who has had a prominent role in protests that swept London in recent weeks. | Video

'No justice, no peace': Tens of thousands in London protest death of Floyd

Jun 03 2020

LONDON Tens of thousands of people chanting "no justice, no peace, no racist police" marched through central London on Wednesday to protest against racism after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. | Video

Rock 'n' roll never dies: One British band jams away in isolation

May 22 2020

NORFOLK, England When the world was told to stay at home to escape the novel coronavirus, one British band had a choice: abandon live music or come together to jam. They chose rock. | Video

Lockdown splash out: British brothers dig rainwater swimming pond

May 15 2020

HOOK, England Two British brothers got so bored by the coronavirus lockdown that they are digging an 8-metre (26 ft) rainwater swimming pond in their parents' back garden.

Exclusive: Farah feels Tokyo delay could help 10,000m title defence

May 13 2020

LONDON Multiple Olympic champion Mo Farah says the postponement of the Tokyo Games to 2021 could work to his advantage as the Briton will now have around 20 months to train for the defence of his 10,000m title having switched his focus back to the track. | Video

Ancient mill rises as Britain bakes at home

May 06 2020

TETBURY, England Shipton Mill, which was milling flour when the Normans conquered England nearly a thousand years ago, has seen a rare boon from the novel coronavirus outbreak - soaring demand for its organic flour from a new generation of locked-down home bakers. | Video

Locked in under lockdown: 'we can't complain', say pals stuck in pub

Apr 29 2020

LONDON If you are going to be stuck under lockdown, there are worse places to end up than a spacious pub with free beer on tap. | Video

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