Eddie Keogh

Loved by students, scholars and writers for 450 years, Oxford pub succumbs to COVID

Jan 25 2021

OXFORD, England A historic pub in the centre of Oxford that has served students, scholars and literary greats for over 450 years is to shut down, a cultural casualty of the COVID pandemic. | Video

UK costume makers turn from Downton and Star Wars to focus on scrubs

Apr 10 2020

CHIPPING CAMDEN, England Costume makers in Britain who normally dress actors in shows from Downton Abbey to Game of Thrones and Batman have joined forces to make scrubs for medics fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

The people’s game

Jul 01 2014

When Brazil went head-to-head with Chile for a place in the World Cup quarterfinals, photographer Eddie Keogh documented the tense atmosphere in the bars and cafes of Sao Paulo as fans watched the match.

Gold, silver and bronze

Aug 09 2012

My colleagues now call me the medal man. No, I’ve never won one or even got close but during the 9 days of athletics at the Olympic Stadium in London one of my jobs is to photograph every athlete that wins a medal. The unbridled joy is evident in most cases. Years of blood, sweat and tears have come to fruition and occasionally the emotion of the moment and the playing of their national anthem will bring a tear to the toughest of men and women.

A game of two other halves

Jun 10 2012

A couple's happy day made more memorable as fans descend on historic Lviv for their teams EURO 2012 qualifier and join in the celebrations, and both parties get into the spirit.

It’s as British as fish and chips

Jun 07 2012

It’s been our national dish for over a 100 years now and although it’s seen some strong opposition from lasagne and chicken tikka masala, it’s as popular now as it ever was.

London’s pub culture

Apr 24 2012

“There’s an old fashioned East End welcome waiting for you.” There’s a good chance you’ll read that quote on the pre Olympic hype about London.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

Jan 24 2012

The world now is a very different place to the one that held the Ancient Olympic Games which only lasted for one day.

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