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Kenyan gospel and Nigerian Hausa songs win streaming service Mdundo new users

Mar 12 2021

NAIROBI When Danish national Martin Nielsen moved to Kenya to work with a venture capital firm, he quickly switched gears after spotting an opportunity in streaming music and selling downloads.

In Kenya, electric fences protect forests from human destruction

Feb 26 2021

NAKURU, Kenya What can stop wandering elephants, illegal logging and protect sources of water? Kenyan environmental group Rhino Ark Trust says: electric fences. Lots of them. | Video

Kenyan recycles plastic waste into bricks stronger than concrete

Feb 02 2021

NAIROBI Nzambi Matee hurls a brick hard against a school footpath constructed from bricks made of recycled plastic that her factory turns out in the Kenyan capital. | Video

Kenyan doctors mourn death of young colleague from COVID-19

Dec 09 2020

NAIROBI Kenyan doctors on Wednesday decried the death of a 28-year-old physician from COVID-19 as the latest example of dangerous and unjust working conditions in government hospitals.

Kenyan couple set off to motorkbike around the world - but run into COVID

Oct 15 2020

NAIROBI Kenyan couple Dos and Wamuyu Kariuki loved adventure almost as much as they loved each other. So two months after they got married, they quit their jobs and set off in 2018 to motor-bike across all the seven continents. | Video

Poisoned carcasses killing off Kenya's vultures

Oct 14 2020

OL PEJETA CONSERVANCY, Kenya A wildlife conservation group is trying to dissuade herders in central Kenya from poisoning cattle carcasses to target predators, because vultures often end up being harmed and not lions. | Video

Chickens roost in Kenya's empty classrooms amid COVID-19 shutdown

Sep 10 2020

MWEA, Kenya Rows of spinach sprout in the sports field where the students of Roka Preparatory school once played football, and clucking chickens fluff their feathers in sawdust-covered classrooms where children once sweated over their exams. | Video

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