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Elana Ringler

Disabled animals given new lease of life at Israeli sanctuary

Mar 12 2019

MOSHAV OLESH, Israel Miri, a three-legged donkey, Gary, a sheep with leg braces, and Omer, a blind goat, munch on some hay at Israel's only animal rescue and educational sanctuary. | Video

Holocaust letters contained 'a lot of hope', exhibit shows

Apr 11 2018

Zichron-Yaakov, ISRAEL "Hope to see you in good health, a thousand kisses, mommy," were the last words Betty's mother wrote to her before being sent with her eight-week-old baby to their deaths at the Sobibor Nazi concentration camp in eastern Poland in 1943.

Israelis divided over military drafting of ultra-Orthodox Jews

Mar 13 2018

JERUSALEM A decades-old exemption of ultra-Orthodox Jews from compulsory military service is a deeply divisive issue in Israel at the heart of a cabinet crisis that could lead to an early election.

Cash or custody: Israel kicks off deportation of African migrants

Feb 06 2018

TEL AVIV Israel has started handing out notices to 20,000 male African migrants giving them two months to leave the country or risk being thrown in jail. | Video

Time Out Tel Aviv examines Palestinian culture amid hardship

Oct 31 2017

RAMALLAH, West Bank/TEL AVIV Instead of its usual artsy or humorous front page, this week's special edition of Time Out Tel Aviv sports an image of an Israeli security barrier so high it blots out the horizon. It also has a different name: Time Out Ramallah. | Video

Sharks gather off Israel's Mediterranean coast

Jan 24 2017

JERUSALEM Around 100 Dusky and Sandbar sharks have been spotted near the coast in northern Israel, drawing enthusiasts, divers and photographers to the eastern Mediterranean shore to try to spot them.

Israel's 'flying car' passenger drone moves closer to delivery

Jan 03 2017

YAVNE, Israel After 15 years of development, an Israeli tech firm is optimistic it will finally get its 1,500 kg (1.5 tonne) passenger carrying drone off the ground and into the market by 2020.

Israeli placental cell therapy could cure radiation sickness

Mar 09 2016

Israeli biotech firm Pluristem Therapeutics said it hopes its anti-radiation therapy will protect Fukushima workers decommissioning nuclear reactors and save lives in the future if ever a similar catastrophe occurs. | Video

Israeli kibbutz can 'feel the Bern' of forgotten volunteer Sanders

Feb 16 2016

KIBBUTZ SHAAR HAAMAKIM, Israel An Israeli kibbutz is taking considerable pride in a former volunteer, U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, even though no one on the communal farm can quite remember him.

Researchers taking power of locust to new heights

Jan 05 2016

A locust-like robot could prove to be an inspired leap into the future of autonomous surveillance and emergency response systems.  | Video

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