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Elizabeth Piper

Criticizing populism, Britain's May has Brexit advice for successor

5:29pm EDT

LONDON Prime Minister Theresa May launched a broadside against populism on Wednesday, using a valedictory speech to encourage her successor to embrace compromise to secure Britain's exit from the European Union.

Britain's PM hopefuls battle over Brexit in bad-tempered debate

Jul 10 2019

MANCHESTER, England Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, rivals to become Britain's next prime minister, clashed over who could be most trusted on Brexit on Tuesday in a sometimes bad-natured television debate just two weeks before one will be crowned. | Video

Would-be PM Johnson's Brexit promise trumps gaffes for UK Conservatives

Jul 09 2019

DARLINGTON/YORK, England With a string of sausages round his neck and holding packs of "Boris bangers", Boris Johnson extolled the virtues of new business in northern England as part of his pitch to become Britain's next prime minister.

Warning PM rivals, Hammond says no deal would swallow Brexit war chest

Jul 01 2019

LONDON Chancellor Philip Hammond challenged the two rivals to become Britain's prime minister over their spending promises on Monday, warning that walking away from the European Union without a deal would use up the extra money in the budget.

Genius or joker? British PM favorite Johnson set to face the world

Jun 28 2019

LONDON Loose cannon or influential statesman - what kind of British prime minister would Boris Johnson make on the world stage? Judging by his time as foreign secretary, possibly both. | Video

Boris Johnson says chances of no-deal Brexit are 'a million-to-one'

Jun 26 2019

LONDON Boris Johnson, the favorite to become British prime minister, said the chances of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal are "a million-to-one" even as he repeated his promise to leave the bloc without a deal by the end of October.

Johnson warns EU against any 'Napoleonic' tariffs in no-deal Brexit

Jun 26 2019

LONDON Boris Johnson, the favourite to become British prime minister, said he was prepared to lead Britain out of the European Union without a deal on Oct. 31 and said any EU attempt to impose trade tariffs would be akin to a Napoleonic-era blockade. | Video

Johnson increases support in third round of leadership contest

Jun 19 2019

LONDON Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson cemented his position as the favourite to be Britain’s next prime minister on Wednesday after he increased his support in the third round of the Conservative Party leadership contest. | Video

UK Labour's Corbyn backs second referendum on any Brexit deal

Jun 19 2019

LONDON British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn backed a second referendum on any Brexit deal on Wednesday, his strongest support yet for a vote he said must offer "real choices" for those who want to leave or stay in the EU.

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