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Ellen Wulfhorst

Norway at top, Yemen at bottom of rankings for women's quality of life

Oct 22 2019

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Norway and Switzerland are the best countries to be a woman and Yemen and Afghanistan the worst, said research on Tuesday which found the state of women's rights is not "all doom and gloom" around the world.

Exclusive: Political jitters drive U.S. to biggest fall in global social entrepreneurs poll

Oct 22 2019

NEW YORK, Oct 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Opportunities to build businesses with a mission to do good in the United States have plummeted since 2016 due largely to a decline in government support, according to the second global poll on the best countries for social entrepreneurs on Tuesday.

Corporate ladder's 'broken rung' hampering women's advancement in business

Oct 15 2019

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Enthusiasm for bringing more women into corporate boardrooms is dimming, but the biggest obstacle to women moving up in the corporate world is the very first step to manager, according to newly released research.

Using electric buses in climate fight faces hurdles, report finds

Oct 10 2019

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Electric buses could play a key role in combating climate change, but U.S. cities testing them have met hurdles that need fixing before the technology is widely employed to slow global warming, a report showed on Thursday.

INTERVIEW- Tiny New York island could be "living laboratory" for climate change

Oct 09 2019

NEW YORK, Oct 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A tiny island in New York Harbor could become a living laboratory for climate change adaptation, its top planning official said on Wednesday, helping tackle what she called "the issue of the century."

Supporters scramble as U.S. anti-trafficking funds are postponed

Oct 02 2019

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The U.S. government has postponed an anticipated $13.5 million grant to provide emergency shelter and housing for trafficking survivors, leaving their supporters scrambling for scarce funds for victim services.

Kept awake by worries, Melinda Gates pledges $1 billion to women's rights

Oct 02 2019

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Philanthropist Melinda Gates plans to put $1 billion toward expanding women's power and influence in the United States over the next decade, saying on Wednesday she loses sleep over fears the nation will stop caring about inequality and diversity.

A simple debit card can help fight human trafficking, U.N. banking group says

Sep 27 2019

NEW YORK, Sept 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dozens of banks have signed up to a U.N. program to offer trafficking survivors accounts and debit cards, organizers said on Friday, providing tools they may lack if their captors stole their financial identity or ruined their credit.

U.S. says Cuban medical missions are trafficking doctors

Sep 26 2019

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - United States officials on Thursday called on all nations to stop using Cuba's medical missions, which send doctors around the world, saying that Cuba refused to pay the medical staff and held them against their will.

Passion for winter sports can help fight climate change, organizers say

Sep 25 2019

NEW YORK, Sept 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Fans and players of winter sports from skiing to hockey could be marshalled in efforts to fight climate change, from election campaigning to calculating the impact of global warming on ice-skating ponds, organizers said on Wednesday.

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